16 August 2018

The Sydney Teapot Show 2018

If you are in Sydney on or after the 24 August do try to get to Newtown to see the teapot show..

Here is a link for details on how to get there

15 August 2018

Drought relief - a small contribution to a big problem

If you haven't heard already, my state, NSW has been declared 100% drought affected.  Even farms close to the East coast are affected. 

Over on Instagram two artists have started @artforbales.  Any money taken for art works goes directly to the charity Buy A Bale.

My husband and I have already made a donation to one of the drought relief charities but I thought this was an idea to be encouraged.

The small vase below is for sale for $35 plus postage within Australia.
Pop over to my Instagram account and DM me there - @potterybyanna

Check out @artforbales too

03 August 2018

The joys of lids

My glaze firing this week included two commissions and teapots for the teapot show.

They all came through the bisque firing OK.  The lids are fired on the pot to ensure any movement affects both the lid and the body in equal measure to allow for a good fit.

The same for the glaze firing. 

However if glaze meets glaze you have a stuck lid so I use cold wax to resist the glaze around the lids and the gallery they sit on... so far so good right?

You would be surprised at the tiny amount of glaze it takes for the lids to stick -- 
fortunately a small amount in one place can be solved with the use of a large rubber mallet!

Hurrah, four out of four teapots successfully made...
One is off to the Grandmother of a little girl who I hope will like it as much as her cousin likes hers and the other three are destined for the Sydney Teapot Show being held at the Kerrie Lowe Gallery in Newtown from 24 August to 16 September 2018.

19 July 2018

My other hat

A bit quiet on this blog of late but I have been busy wearing my hat as the Convener of the committee that organises the Port Hacking Potters National Competition - this year will be our 50th.

You can read about it here:
Weekend Notes - October events

We have an additional prize this year, to be inspired by one of our first judges, Peter Rushforth (L), Peter Travis (R) or Ivan McMeekin (C).

26 June 2018

You are Invited

If you are in the Melbourne area - or Fitzroy then do call by and see some amazing brooches... I am thrilled to have my name on the invitation...

24 June 2018

Teapot time again

It is time to make teapots...
The Sydney Teapot Show will be held again at the Kerrie Lowe Gallery in Newtown in a couple of months time.

I just wish my studio was warmer to go into... was it just a few weeks ago I was saying how quickly things dried in the hot weather?

07 June 2018

Australian National Brooch Show

Today I posted off my entries for the Australian National Brooch show which is held in Victoria.

Many of the entries are very creative so I hope mine fit in OK.

I hope they find new homes.  

#1 hand made ceramic bead with glass beads on Silver finding

#2 Floral Curve - hand formed ceramic

#3 Red Bird - hand formed ceramic
If you are in Victoria try to have a look...

Fitzroy Library, 128 Moor St, Fitzroy

6 July - 31 August 2018

We will be holding a special “Try & Buy” event:

Purchasers get to try on a brooch, and can buy it (credit card or cash) and take it that day!

“Try & Buy”: Saturday 7 July, 11am - 1pm, 
Fitzroy Library, 128 Moor St, Fitzroy

Second venue:

Gallery 314, 314 Church Street, Richmond VIC 3121

10 - 23 September, 11am - 6pm daily

02 June 2018

a new glaze

I have had this glaze sitting around for a while waiting for the right pot and time to use it...

It is not to everyone's taste but I like the way it gets some other colours where there is a difference in the texture of the pot...

It also seems to take a second glaze over the top quite well - see the small trinket dishes...

Anyway the proof will be in how quickly they sell...

29 May 2018

In the mean time

I have the kiln running for a glaze firing today... fingers crossed

I have some jewellery in there and some buttons...

Here is a knolling image of some past bits and bobs

26 May 2018

Google and all that stuff

Dear Friends and followers in the EU
I believe Google may have added a message regarding its use of cookies and data on this blog... I have tried to check but as I am in Australia even after taking their suggested way of checking it doesn't appear.
So, I am using a template provided by Blogger which is part of the Google group of companies.  I do not share any data or contact details myself. 

As I do not use their Ad function I believe I do not need to any more.

Hopefully this will not put you off following my posts.

Regards to all