05 September 2021

Keeping busy in lockdown

 Here we are in September and still in lockdown here in Sydney and now the regional areas of the state are in lockdown too...

So to keep busy I have been putting some of my jewellery pieces together in the hope I will get to sell them.. maybe just before Christmas??

Brooch with glass and porcelain beads

pendant - porcelain with leather cord

porcelain pendant with copper rust glaze and leather cord

Spring is showing it's face and the rainbow lorikeets are loving the bottle brush flowers.

the Wonga Wonga vine only flowers for a short time but puts on a lovely show and the native bees and hover flies love it..

I have much to be grateful for but do miss seeing our family and friends in person... as more of us get vaccinated hopefully we can travel again.  Take care everyone.

26 July 2021

One door closes

 I was working towards an entry in the Port Hacking Potters National Competition but unfortunately it has been cancelled.. Due to Covid restrictions in Sydney the gallery has closed and with it unclear as to when it could reopen the decision was made to cancel.  The committee couldn't risk pots from other states being left in limbo.  It is possible the group will stage a members only show a bit later, so another door opens.

I am fortunate to have my own kiln at home and have been able to continue work on a commission and some other work.  
I was quite happy with these cups.

stay well folks

23 March 2021

Experimental Clay

 I have been having some fun back at TAFE the last few Saturdays.  I am undertaking a Master Class with Julie Bartholomew who truly is a Master of the unexpected.


She is a great teacher and I am hoping the short course will inspire me for an art work to enter in the Port Hacking Potters National Competition later this year...

One of the things we have been doing is dipping dry plant matter in porcelain slip and then firing them..  such interesting results.

12 January 2021

An optomistic start to 2021

 Hi everyone, I hope the New Year is starting with you all in good health as we look towards a vaccine becoming available.

Before starting to make again I have been playing with jewellery pieces I have stashed away.

 orange porcelain adjustable ring

Textured brooch

clip on earrings in blue

While playing with these I realised I didn't have many beads left so now that I am back in the studio the porcelain is out and some more pieces are getting made.

I also have a commission or two to get me started in what I hope will be a better year.
Stay well everyone.


06 December 2020

A very nice end to the year and Merry Christmas everyone

 This afternoon I helped to pack up the PopUp shop that I was part of with my local pottery group, the Port Hacking Potters Group.  I hardly had anything to bring home which was a very nice end to what has been such a difficult year for so many of us.

Thank you to those who purchased my work so that I can now decide what to make before our next sale event.

It is so encouraging when your work sells not to mention the bank balance.

So here are a few of my favourite pieces that sold.. and a very Merry Christmas to you all.  May 2021 be a happy and healthy one for us all.

small hand formed Christmas trees

Wheel thrown stoneware bowls - glaze on glaze decoration

Vase Wheel thrown stoneware with tissue transfer and underglaze design

Reindeer Christmas tree hangers

side plate - textured slab hand formed.

30 August 2020

Donating for a good cause - Coastal Creative Appeal

Today I have packed up a little teapot which I am donating to the charity exhibition and sale down at Ulladulla in a few weeks time.
If you are able to travel to the NSW south coast the weekend of the 3rd and 4 October it will be well worth a visit. There are some very well known potters donating works. The money raised will go to help artists and artisans who have literally been through fire, flood and pandemic this year. Some were just starting to get their homes sorted after the fires when there was flooding rains. Then the area was visited by people who were infected with the Corvid-19 virus and businesses in the area had to close. Earlier I had sent down a small sculpture expecting it would be sold at this show which was to be held at Easter, however the Covid restrictions on gatherings and travel meant it had to be postponed. Fortunately my sculpture went to a gallery that also held a fund raiser and it sold straight away. So I am now donating this little teapot with a little bling.. "Summer II" Hopefully it will appeal to someone who goes to the exhibition and the funds will be able to help someone get back into their studio.

23 July 2020

Adapting to the times

It seems this terrible virus will be around for some time yet.  We almost had it beaten in NSW but with an uprise of cases in Victoria the virus has travelled to our state too. It seems all we can do is keep ourselves well and follow the recommendations on social distancing and hygiene.  Mask wearing is becoming the norm.  Those who don't have a craft or hobby must be finding things very difficult.

Luckily I am well stocked with clay and glazes and can keep myself busy.  The one drawback is that my studio is rather cold and shaded but I rug up with a extra layer of clothes and a hat and I'm doing more handbuilding than wheel work.

I have been able to sell some of my smaller pieces online via my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AnnasCeramics/
and my Instagram account: @potterybyanna

I also have another commission to work on and the possibility of being part of a community exhibition later in the year.

I hope all of my followers are keeping well. Here are some pieces that sold recently: 

 A destash of buttons...

Percival has found a new home in the country

this Saddleback guy is with new friends in a suburban home
these bowls were delivered to a nearby suburb

So I am trying to adapt and stay well.  All the best out there. 

09 June 2020

Heading interstate

While I still can't visit Queensland, my teapot can.
The border restrictions due to Covid19 on movement of people between NSW and Qld are still in place at the moment.  
Fortunately I am able to get to the post office to send off this commissioned teapot. I hope it's new owner enjoys it.

"Fern" wheel thrown stoneware with underglaze and clear glaze.

26 April 2020

Staying at Home

Staying at home due to restrictions imposed by our government to help reduce the spread of Covid 19 seems to be working.  It has not been much different here as both my husband and I enjoy each other's company and have never been big on social gatherings. We are still able to do our weekly shop and our hobbies are home based and we can keep in touch with family and friends via phone or online video calls.
The general atmosphere has affected my pottery making as I just did not feel inspired to go to the studio.  The studio was also cluttered with materials that were to be sold for a fund raiser that was cancelled.  It took me ages to finally realize that by putting a few things outside and doing a huge tidy up I could clear my working space.
a few of the many boxes of materials cluttering up the studio
some of the old test tiles from my training days removed from the studio
The clean up extended to my house and I found this iconic children's book - Dot and the Kangaroo is an Australian classic written about a young girl who gets lost in the bush and is saved by a kind kangaroo.  In the story the kangaroo gives her berries to eat that stave off hunger but also allow her to understand what the animals are saying.  Wouldn't that be cool.

 Autumn in Sydney means that many of the camellia's start to flower.  This single one is one of my favourites.
 Just before the restrictions came in we made it to the nursery to get some compost and seedlings.  The cosmos have come to life with the drought breaking rain - they should have been flowering during summer but it was just too dry.  The marigolds starting flowering within days of being planted out.
I'm back in the studio at last and will be catching up on a commission and a few other pieces to fill the kiln.
Take care everyone - be patient with the restrictions and keep yourself and others well.

14 February 2020

Rain at last

Over the last couple of weeks much of the east coast has received flooding rains... from one extreme to the other... while all the bush fires are either out or at least contained those whose homes and livelihoods were destroyed by the fires are still facing recovery.

One of my friends is bringing artists together to exhibit in a fund raiser to help. They are calling it Creative Coastal Appeal and it will be in the Ulladulla Civic Centre.
My work titled "2070" will be part of that exhibition in Ulladulla on the NSW south coast over the Anzac holiday weekend, 25 April.

If you live close by please consider attending....bring your friends and buy some art for a good cause.

EDIT: The show in Ulladulla was postponed indefinitely due to restrictions caused by the fight to limit the Corona Virus.  Fortunately, prior to this my friend took "2070" to another fund raiser at The Ivy Hill Gallery further down the coast where it sold.  So happy the bush fire affected potters I nominated will get the funds.