14 April 2015

Labourers, Luminaries and Lieutenants Exhibition

On Friday I will be delivering artwork for an exhibition being run to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of ANZAC's Day.  A National memorial day in Australia.
ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps and is celebrated on the 25th April each year. "It marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War." The Anzac's fought at Gallipoli in World War One.
It is not a glorification of war but rather remembering with respect those who died in past conflicts.

Anzac Day is remembered in various ways, from special biscuits to games of 'Two Up'..

As London remembered the loss with the red tide of ceramic poppies, Australians will be taking part in many memorial activities this year.

The college I attended is putting on an exhibition to remember the many who contributed to the nation during WW1.

My grandfather joined up in the last year of the war leaving behind my grandmother and two little boys. Fortunately he returned though his health was damaged.

My father attended this college as a young man training to be an industrial electrician.  He was not allowed to sign up for military service for WWII as he was classed as Essential Personnel and sent to keep munitions factories running among other services.

I created this artwork during my Art History classes and it has been accepted for the exhibition.
It should be an interesting and moving collection.

 The artwork shows the three generations of men in my family and their involvement in WW1 (my grandfather) WWII (my father) and Vietnam (my brother).

I will also include a pot or two or three of the herb rosemary which we use for remembrance and in particular remembrance on ANZAC Day.
the large pot was thrown on the wheel from one ball of clay - the others too but obviously not such a large ball :)

09 April 2015

Saturday stall and demo

My pottery group friends will be taking part in the Heritage Week events...

If my cold has gone I'll be there too:

Check their blog for details:  http://www.porthackingpotters.blogspot.com.au/

07 April 2015

throwing planter pots again

Well I have another exhibition requiring planter pots..

They are not fired yet so I hope all goes well...  this is the largest one and I have three smaller ones underway... will they fit in my little kiln?  Will they be dry enough in time to fire?  Stay posted and I'll let you know..

28 March 2015

Your Invited

Here is your invitation to attend the Garden Show at the Inner City Clayworkers in Glebe NSW

The show is not only for pots for your garden or veranda but lots of other knick knacks to suit as well.

Perhaps some pigs to decorate your outdoor table?

Or something green to highlight your indoor plant?

Wheel thrown planter and attached saucer. Stamped underglaze decoration under Dark Celedon glaze. Fired in Reduction.

Same firing as green planter
These blue pots are out of the same firing as the green planter.  The blue is transparent but very dark so the pattern underneath is difficult to see.  Still nice pots though.  The White planter has a small fault so I experimented... I'll be keeping that one for my own plants.

23 March 2015

Garden Show coming up

My second glaze firing finished today.  I haven't fully unpacked yet but its looking very promising.

The main items are three planter pots destined for the Inner City Clayworkers Garden Show next month.  I was thrilled to be invited to take part.  It opens on 29 April and runs until 17 May 2015.
 Correction - the dates are opens on 1st April and closes on 26 April 2015.

I'm sure there will be some fantastic works there.... not only pots but also sculptures and all sorts of things for the garden..

There are several glaze tests in this firing for future reference...  The lilac satin matt went well and one of the green glazes looks fine.  One test needs more work...

These lovely tangerine pieces were meant to be red.  I'll try again next time I glaze fire.

I had a few sales at the last stall I took part in at the Art of Living Festival..

The weather was shocking in the morning with heavy rain squalls and strong wind gusts.

We didn't bother to  put table cloths on and at times hung onto the gazebo as it blew like a sail in a gale..

Pots by Anna and Sandra in this image
I was happy that one of my new vases and that little jug found a new home  and several other pieces too.

16 March 2015

The Matchbox Show now open - runs to 21 March 2015

If you have been following my blog you will know that I entered The Matchbox Show 5th Anniversary Exhibition being held at the Brisbane Modern Art Gallery

Now that the exhibition is open I thought I would share images of my entries with you...

There were 10 pieces sent altogether.  There were two Magnolia seed pods almost identical so only one shown here.
Spot from The Breakfast Club Diaries on Facebook

Spot from The Breakfast Club Diaries on Facebook
Two Blue Fishes

Flora Snail

Gilded Snail

Guinea Flower Bud with 2 leaves

Guinea Flower Bud with gilded leaf

Jacaranda flowers, one gilded

Gilded Magnolia seed pod
It would be lovely if you could get along and see the show.  There are some very creative ceramic artists from across Australia taking part.

09 March 2015

Market at the Art of Living Festival

this is where I will be on Sunday - if you are there please stop by and say hello...

02 March 2015

another challenge underway

I have been invited to take part in the Inner City Clayworkers Annual Garden Show.

So happy :)

One of my pig sculptures will be going and I'm working on some planter pots...

Given that here in Oz our plant pots mostly stay outside all year I decided to use a clay that will take the changes in temperature.  While my place rarely gets a frost being not too far from the sea, who knows where their new home may be?

So that meant some reclaiming of a suitable clay.  A stoneware with grog... crumbs of pre-fired clay mixed through the raw clay.
reclaiming clay for pots
It is not an easy clay to throw on the wheel as the grog is tough on the skin.  Somehow I do like throwing with this clay.  Perhaps because the results are so different from my usual work thrown with a smooth clay.

I had enough clay to make three pots... they have been trimmed now and look promising.

the saucer is thrown at the same time as the bowl of the pot

This one has a different shape but still the all in one saucer

No saucer with this one

they are now going to be left to slowly dry to leather hard stage when I will decorate them...

So far so good...

20 February 2015

First firing and the Matchbox Show

As is often the case with potters, I haven't posted for a while as I've been busy making!

this one broke but I had more so it didn't matter
 and Firing!

I fired my first bisque firing and all went well:
Top Shelf prior to bisque

Bottom Shelf after bisque

I then prepared for my first glaze firing and was very conscious of the deadline for an exhibition and wanting to leave time to refire if needed...

The bisque firing showed that the lower shelf could be hotter than the top shelf.  I also wanted to include more jewellery pieces in the glaze firing so packed it differently.

Top Shelf after glaze firing - check the top back right pot 

Lower shelf after glaze firing

Hind sight is a great thing and inspite of being told by more experienced potters I should either put 'setters' under my glazed pots or at least put kiln wash on the shelves I hastily went ahead and of course for the first time ever the glaze ran.  I also upped the temperature higher than the suggested schedule of the kiln maker.  Ah we live and learn from our mistakes...

remains of glaze and pot stuck to shelf

underside of pot which stuck to shelf, Note clay pulled off pot by glaze run.

As it is I have a half kiln shelf that is damaged.  I may be able to clean it up but won't know until I try and I'll be sure to get some kiln wash before doing another glaze firing.

Fortunately all my work for The Matchbox Show's Fifth Anniversary Exhibition is fine and now on its way.

Here is a preview

A mix and match of ideas, all in Keanes Porcelain and some embellished with gold.

If you are going to be in Brisbane between the 10 - 21 March 2015 then I hope you will call by the gallery and have a look at the show.  I am thrilled to be included with some amazingly creative ceramic artists from across Australia..

31 January 2015

New Studio now up and running!!

I am so happy tonight - I have been throwing for the first time this year and better still - using my wheel in my newly refurbished studio.

It now looks light and fresh and an inspiring place to create pots!!
looking from the door towards the back wall - oh look a brand new kiln too!

looking from the back wall to the front doorway

Here is what it used to look like:

My very clever husband has rendered the walls the ceiling and painted it all.  Put in an exhaust fan for my kiln and made a table/batt storage with a fibre board top.  My very clever son has welded a stand for my kiln which now also has a fibre board shelf under it for props and shelves...

Still a few little bits to tidy up (OK, a lot of clay to be sorted) but my extruder is back on the wall , the notice boards will soon be back up too.

I am working towards an exhibition in Qld at the end of the month and needed a few more pieces to fill my kiln before firing it for the first time.

I am inspired by this slowly opening Magnolia bud  and have been throwing small vases today..

Very exciting --- watch this space...