27 November 2016

Back again.. and in the studio

Well here I am back again and in the studio after a few family happenings and then a long awaited holiday.

I'll post more about the holiday soon...

however in the meantime I have an order for a Christmas bird hanger.  The client asked for one larger than I usually make so I needed to work out shrinkage rates...

the formula I used is one I was given while in college:

Shrinkage Percentage of clay = 100 - shrinkage % = X/100 = Y

Finished size required divided by shrinkage allowance = size to make

example:  if the clay has 8% shrinkage then 100 minus 8 = 92
92 divided by 100 = .92

if finished size required is 12cm then the size to make now is 12 divided by .92 = 13.04

So I drew up a new template to the new size and they are now drying!

Thanks for stopping by... more posts soon I promise :^)

03 November 2016

No posts for a while

I'm taking some time out from my blog and from Facebook.
 You can still follow me on Instagram @potterybyanna

I'll be back.

24 October 2016

Next stall this Thursday - new stock

I expect to be taking part in a stall in the foyer of our local Sutherland hospital on Thursday 27 October ...

The Kingsway & Kareena Road, Caringbah NSW 2229

We shall be there from 9am to 2.30pm...

I will have some new stock including these care free cactus plants..

Hope you can call by and say hello

Care Free Cactus Kit includes Wheel thrown planter, decorative stones and one "cactus" plant
The perfect gift for your low light office or bathroom.

21 October 2016

it stayed blue and a neat trick

Those that follow my blog will know I fired a pot recently expecting a black decoration.  It turned blue instead!  Still nice and usable just not what I was expecting.

It was suggested that it could return to black in the firing but as you can see that wasn't the case:

It was a good firing and I'm pleased with all the results...

This morning I went outside and found a puzzle...

this palm tree flower stem was slap bang in the middle of this pot!  The yard is enclosed and the pot is not near the fence so it has fallen directly off the tree into the pot without knocking the pot over!
Such a funny thing ... it is rather chewed so may have been dropped by a cockatoo but still a great shot!
I made these two pots some time ago.. they are wheel thrown, decorated with terrasiggalata and then pit fired.

14 October 2016

a slight surprise

 When my bisque firing cooled and I opened it up I had a surprise

This tissue print design appeared black when first applied but once fired you can see it is blue...
Not what I was aiming for but I will go ahead and glaze it...

There are a couple of these with matching side plates..

We have a grass tree in our front garden and the spring rains have encouraged a flower which the honey bees are loving...

Watch this space for glaze firing results soon (all being well)

10 October 2016

Firing underway then the wait

Those pots were trimmed and a few decorated and then the tricky task of fitting as many as possible into the kiln...

I've also made some Christmas decorations to fill the gaps...
Still I had 3 pieces I couldn't fit in this time...

On it went - a long slow firing to let those handles mature gradually...

And a pretty flower to look at while I wait for the kiln to cool and see if it was successful. Fingers crossed....

01 October 2016

#SaturdayShelfie - Friday clean up

Over on a Facebook Group I administer there is what we call #SaturdayShelfie to encourage members to share what is happening in their studios.

After being very busy with the coordination of a National Pottery Competition for the last few weeks I finally had time to tidy my studio...
it was rather a mess

Once cleaned I was able to start on some throwing and hope to get back there again today...

The clay was just the right consistency for throwing... so I was rather pleased with these results.  Trimming this afternoon I hope.

Here is a link to the Competition page: http://porthackingpotters.blogspot.com.au/p/2016-national-competition.html

and the Facebook Group: Facebook - Anna's Aussie Ceramics

25 September 2016

Community effort = part one and part two, the rest etc is up to us

As you know if you follow my blog, I belong to a local pottery group.

We have an exhibition at a local gallery and to create more interest invited the public along for two Sundays to help to make a ceramic sculpture...

Week One we had some great helpers to make with the soft clay...

we supplied the clay and some bisque fired moulds.  Some of our members threw cylinders on the wheel or rolled slabs to make cylinders and cut out shapes ...

Week Two (today) and we supplied underglaze colours for those attending to paint them for us.

What a great job!  

The rest of the work of firing and glazing will be done by members of our group.

22 September 2016

at the gallery

I'll be at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Arts Centre often over the next few days...

Friday and Saturday mornings I'll be on gallery duty and then on Sunday it will be Open Studio again...
come and help us making a totem style garden sculpture or buy some pottery supplies from Blackwattle Pottery Supplies who will be there with their products...

this is my entry at the gallery... up on the shelf... perhaps I need to think on how to make my pieces a bit larger?

on the shelf next to me the duck is by Denise Mc Donald of DM Pottery, the two lidded vessels in the centre are by Bob Wood with the one on the right winning the section.  The three green vessels are by Rosemary Backhouse.  Not sure who the raku pots on the left are by...

19 September 2016

"2045" at exhibition

This is my entry in the 49th Port Hacking Potters Competition.

It is my response to global warming... Titled "2045" the globe and base are wheel thrown, the pig is hand formed and I have used various glazes to depict the possible effects global warming will have on the planet.

"2045" by Anna Ryland. Wheel thrown and handformed with multiple glazes. Stoneware clay and glazes. 16.5cmH x 12cmW (2016).

"2045" by Anna Ryland. Wheel thrown and handformed with multiple glazes. Stoneware clay and glazes. 16.5cmH x 12cmW (2016).