26 March 2018

The Sydney Royal Easter Show - this Friday

The Sydney Royal Easter Show is basically an Agricultural show in the city.

It is the pinnacle for exhibitors across the State of NSW.  Everything from cows, horses and yes pigs are shown and judged.  In addition there are competitions for exhibitions of produce from different regions which use their local fruit, vegetables or grains to create a large display that makes a collage depicting that region.

And then there is the Art and Craft Pavillion where there are paintings, sculptures, pottery, cake decorating, weaving, knitting, embroidery and many more competing for that winning blue ribbon or even Best in Show award.

So I have been asked to go along with some friends and show the general public how we make our pottery/ceramics.  Exciting but a bit scary too... 

I will have a few pieces on display but will mainly be helping the others with building a huge chicken (or two) and we will be inviting the public to add feathers to the pair.  Sounds like fun?

Come and say hi


smartcat said...

Too far for a day trip, but it sounds like fun!
Toes crossed that you will do a follow up post.

Elephant's Child said...

Congratulations. I hope the scary bit is short-lived, followed by lots of fun.
And love the idea of an interactive display.

Anna said...

Hi Smartcat yes a bit far for you :).. thanks for the reminder to take pics for a followup post

Anna said...

Hi EC yes I just need to get there and get started and I will be fine.. bound to have some pics to show later

Peter said...

Hi Anna,
I am sure that you will have great fun once you get your hands in clay. The giant chooks sound hilarious. Hope you do manage to take some pics, but my own experience of demonstrating is that I get so busy that I always forget to take photos!

Anna said...

Hi Peter I'm sure I'll be fine once the clay is out.. hopefully with a few of us there we can take photos of each other so stay tuned.

Therese said...

Well done Anna! You are such a dynamo!

Anna said...

thanks Therese - and I got up very early! and slept very well last night :)