26 July 2011


Part of my last firing included these little birds and butterflies which I am making into brooches and pendants.
the white ones are porcelain - the birds at top r/h/s are buff stoneware, all fired to 1280deg C in an electric kiln.

close up.


PQR said...

I love those birds! Where/how are you selling these?

Anna said...

Hi PQR, glad you like them. Do you prefer the white or buff coloured ones? I have started making them into brooches and the small ones into pendants. I'll post an image when complete. Probably selling them at local markets. I'll put my email under the tab "About this Blog" in case you are still interested when you see the finished piece.

Linda Starr said...

I like both clays the crisp white and the soft buff, I like the multicolors on the birds too.

Anna said...

thanks Linda - I like to have some feedback. Yesterday I put one of the birds back in a glaze firing after applying a lime green glaze. Not sure how it will go having already been fired to a high temp but worth a try :^)