16 October 2011

Master class included

Students who took part in the Master Class earlier this year at Gymea TAFE have been invited to be part of the end of year exhibition at The Muse Gallery, Ultimo Campus.  Exhibition opens Monday 31st October 2011 and continues to 3 November 2011.
I'll have a couple of pieces to submit but it was a short course and my experimental wall pieces were not successful enough to exhibit. I also sold a piece so will have to go digging to find a good piece.
This one will go in though:
Textured Porcelain slab build jug. Fired in oxidation to 1280deg C.


Linda Starr said...

great pitcher, curious about your wall pieces too.

Anna said...

Hi Linda, glad you like it. The wall pieces were very disappointing. They were made using porcelain and it warped and cracked. Someone said it made them look aged but it wasn't what I was hoping for. Think I'll use a porcelain paperclay if and when I try again. oh, and I should have used sand under them in the firing! We live and learn, it was a new brand of clay so I should have taken all precautions - ah well next time!