01 November 2011

TAFE Muse Exhibition 2011

Last night I enjoyed the opening and presentations at the Muse Gallery at Ultimo TAFE College in town.  Some great work there this year.  The slipcast assemblages were of particular appeal.  The teacher of that class, Julie Bartholomew, really gets the ideas rolling in her students. Not only that but they learn excellent mold making skills.
My own work, which I started while attending the Master Class was on display.  You can see some of the other work over at the Port Hacking Potters blog.

Slab built textured forms.  Jug is in Porcelain and the box is stoneware.


Linda Starr said...

Great texture on that jug.

Anna said...

Hi Linda, thank you. These pieces are the same but different - same method, slab built; same pattern; different clay, the jug is porcelain and the box is stoneware; the outside glaze is the same, a copper rust commercial glaze but the jug was fired in an electric kiln while the box was fired in a gas kiln. Viva la difference :^)