16 September 2012

Travels and Collections

Several friends have been travelling lately and it has reminded me of some of my own trips and the lovely pieces of ceramic that I have brought home with me.

My most precious piece is by Robin Hopper and purchased from his own workshop gallery in Canada.

Robin Hopper - 2001

Since then I have collected a number of interesting pieces along the way, some on travels and some while on a day out.  All have special memories.

a little slipcast cup by Steve Harrison - made for a restaurant so slipcast but sold to raise funds for a student exhibition

Mugs, L to R, Air brushed decoration from Slippery Designs NSW, Semi Matt blue by Jitka Kopriva, Slip cast scraffito design purchased in Broome WA

On left, Bruce Pryor NSW, Rice Hull Ash Glaze - on right Crater Dish from Tasmania  

Recognise this one?  Yep my talented new friend, Adriana Christianson's tiny bird dish

And my other new friend, also very talented, Ellen Appleby's little flower dish.

Aplogies for the poor quality images - realised later that my camera battery was low.

Anyway, a busy week coming up where I will have the pleasure to meet Greg Daly as he judges the Port Hacking Potters 47th National Competition.
See you over at Mud Colony or on Facebook :^)


Linda Starr said...

How wonderful to see your collection, that must have been something to see Robin Hopper, his studio and his gardens.

Anna said...

Hi Linda it was an amazing highlight of a great trip, we did the Inside Passage, the train over the Rockies and on Victoria Island hired a sports car for the day and it was sunny so we had the top down :^) Very special all round! Robin was very friendly but working so we didn't chat for long.