25 October 2012

running around like a .......

Well Adriana Christianson is cracking the whip again (lol) and so here is my quick post for Mud Colony :^)

Adriana has a little dog to help her in the studio but I just have a hyperactive cockatiel :^)
tried to get a photo of him and all I got was this:

I've been wondering what the Potters Group (Port Hacking) can do with the 8 boxes of cork bricks in their storeroom?
and are these fold down tables worth keeping?

and I found some great little cookie cutters in a little Asian store the other day so have cut some new shapes for future use as jewellery :^)
Oh and Brenda was wondering how to stop the cut out clay from curling - I just whack another bat on top as they dry...

Bye for now and see you over on Mud Colony or my Facebook page, cheers :^)


Adriana Christianson said...

Heeeeeeyyy no fair !!
Im nice as pie , i encouarage ! Carrots not sticks !! lol :)

Anna said...

ohh sorry Adriana :^) you are as nice as pie and you do most definitely encourage all of us on Mud Colony - just didn't want to be last this week - about to go eat carrots :^)