23 February 2013

Camera Shy

No images of my work this week.  Only just got the computer back online after being down for two days :^(

However, I will be posting images soon of my very first effort at pierced work - two little tealight holders underway.

Very wet and windy here today so my teapots are still at home as I didn't want to risk taking them out in the heavy rain and wind to get them to the community kilns.. later in the week all being well.

 One good thing about the weather is the boost to the plant life - even my Ixa which grows in a large pot on my open balcony.

The Bangalow Palm trees are loving it!  Two lots of older flower stems with loads of red berries and more flowers unfurling!

You can still go to Mud Colony and see what other potters are doing this week...


Linda Starr said...

Oh my what beauties you have, what I wouldn't give for those palm influorescence to weave into one of my baskets, a tropical paradise there.

Anna said...

Hi Linda
If I could I would send you some to try :^)