30 June 2013

Fired plus decorating

More meetings this week for the Empty Bowls Project (check it on Facebook Here) - we have prices for places and will soon be putting out the call for works for the Silent Auction.

I picked up a few pieces of my own that were fired along with arts students works at Hazelhurst.  These had been sitting around for a while and I'm fairly pleased with the results.

Wheelthrown stoneware (Keanes Ironstone clay) Shino Glaze, Gas firing

I think their kiln did not reduce very much as I expected the Shino glaze would have given more colour to the Ironstone clay.  These will be going to the Empty Bowls project.

Wheelthrown porcelain, pierced Shino glaze Gas firing

This one is for a tealight.  I enjoy the piercing but glazing takes forever, getting the glaze out of all the holes.  I used a Chinese tissue print inside and also underneath which is not visible here.

Wheel thrown porcelain, pierced, light Celedon glaze Gas firing
This one has more holes.  I've varied the size of the holes which also adds to the tricky glazing.

Today I expected to do some glazing and then go onto decorating some more bowls (these)...
wheelthrown stoneware with yellow slip

however I found my bucket of glaze was getting rather mouldy!  The small amount left of the previous mix was still fine so I can only think it is because I used a recycled bucket which previously held icing sugar (commercial size) and perhaps it wasn't cleaned enough.  Sooo, sieved it into another 2 smaller buckets, washed it out with bleach and put it all back THen started glazing.  Why is it that glazing always takes longer than you expect?? even when you don't need to get rid of mould in your bucket...
Soo that's me for this week, drop by Mud Colony to see what the others have been up to... most of us also have a Facebook page and I have a Facebook Group too, Anna's Aussie Ceramics.


Linda Starr said...

Surprised the shino didn't get more color too but they are lovely non the less, love the tea light bowls, a bit of sugar must have fermented.

Karen said...

Hi Anna, I like the work you have done on these bowls, very nice.

Anna said...

Hi Linda, thanks for your kind comments. Yes the kilns at the art centre don't always get full reduction.
Hi Karen I'm glad you like them cause if you do someone at the Empty Bowls event will too :)

Rachel Cramer said...

Ooh, some nice results Anna :) Too bad the reduction wasn't heavier but as Linda said, they are lovely!

Anna said...

Thanks Rachel.. hope to throw some more later this week..