19 November 2013


Well as my followers may already know I had a misfiring recently and so I've got myself together and started remaking.

Hope I get them through soon as I am making some Christmas type pieces...

I'm working with some different clays, porcelain, stoneware and paperclay..

porcelain I am piercing to turn into tealight holders..
took some time out to go to the movies with my husband and then we sat and watched the movie nature provided at the nearby beach.

throwing teapots again - always make a spare lid..

and a spare spout or two..

this is thrown with recycled paperclay...  makes me think of Clarissa Regan who is a marvellous thrower who works with paper clay and fantastic prints she makes herself..

Here is a link to Clarissa Regan's blog: http://clayalchemy.blogspot.com.au/

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