04 January 2014

2014 clean start

I've had no internet for a few days so I've spent my extra time cleaning cupboards.   Its too hot to go into the studio and it also needs a good clean.

Its amazing what you find at the back of cupboards you haven't looked in for some time...

This broken plate and damaged sugar bowl were part of a teaset which belonged to my mother.  I had put them aside with the thought I might get them repaired one day.  Having Googled the design and maker, "Pearl Delight" circa 1940,  while delightfully pretty was not unusual so I decided it is not worth keeping broken and not worth the expense of repair.  I still have the cups and saucers and a nice little milk jug as a reminder of my Mum.

The next cupboard I tackled contained some souvenirs from a trip to the North Island of New Zealand.  I think they would look very nice if they were framed together and put on the wall...

The top two came from a gallery in the town of Russel called Entrance Gallery and I'm pretty sure they are by a potter called Kathy Baird, though the small one doesn't have a signature.
The bottom right tile came from Morris and James Pottery and Tileworks in Matakana. A lovely mix of glazes to create this landscape view.

It was a great holiday and now I have some very spick and span cupboards and a nice reminder of our visit way back in 2007.
I'd like to see the South Island one of these days.

All the best to you all for 2014 and thanks for following my clay ramblings...  you can also find me on Facebook, Anna's Ceramics....


Caroline said...

I always like to collect a souvenir when on a holiday. I'm also a compulsive cupboard "cleaner outerer" which doesn't go so well with the souvenir collector part of me! I really love the bottom right tile, Anna.

Anna said...

Hi Caroline
oh well I guess you have the joy of possession for a while anyway :) then make room for the next lot, :)

Midori said...

We must do a major tidy-up of the cupboards, too... before Easter! :D

I like Takahe tile. One day I would love to visit NZ and Oz to see wildlife! : )

Anna said...

hi Midori
Before Easter sounds like a plan :)
Hope you get to visit both countries before too long..
I must get these tiles mounted and displayed before Easter :)
In Australia we have a similar bird with the ordinary name of Water Hen, not nearly so exotic sounding..

Linda Starr said...

oh what a shame I think the plate would be good in a mosaic over a terra cotta pot perhaps. You are too hot and we are too cold, cleaning cabinets and finding treasures is the best part of the cleaning. Happy New year