11 August 2014

2014 Teapot Show

Well at last I have some images to share with you...  technology has not been my friend of late but we seem to have come to an understanding at last ..

Currently I have two teapots at the Inner City Clayworkers Gallery in Glebe NSW.  This is a highlight for makers and collectors with all types of teapots on show. (click on the gallery name to see winning entries).

I was delighted to have one of mine sell on opening night...

"Violets are Blue" sold opening night - a lovely red sticker

I also have a second teapot on show along with matching tea bowls - I hope it finds a new home.

The show runs until 31st August 2014


smartcat said...

Congratulations on your two entries and, particularly, the sale! Clicked to see the winners. That;s quite a show. I hope someone will take photos of other entries!

Linda Starr said...

great news, congrats

Anna said...

Hi Linda, thank you.

Smartcat, the gallery have a Facebook page so there are sure to be more there. If I get in for another visit I'll take some more pics. And thanks for the congrats :)