15 April 2017

Art Auction 22 April 2017

Wheel thrown and altered porcelain bowl with tissue print decoration, clear glaze. Fired to stoneware. H. 3.7cm W. 15cm - suitable for keeping your jewellery or for sweets or snacks.

I posted a photo of this small bowl on Facebook and Instagram and people seemed to like it so I have decided to donate it to a charity auction.  The auction is being run online by potters but there will be all sorts of art works available.

If you think you might like to own this bowl or another art work and help the victims of recent flooding in the NSW North Coast town of Murwillumbah then please Like the Facebook page and join in the bidding next weekend. Saturday 22 April 2017.

Here is the link to the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ArtAuctiontoAssistMurwillumbahFloodAppeal/?fref=nf

So I'm hoping to see the back of my bowl after the auction (a little joke there)

The postage within Australia is free.

Please support this wonderful event.  One of the organisers grew up in the area but now lives in Qld and I have a link to the area too as one of my aunts lived near there for many years and I have a pottery Facebook friend in the area too.


Elephant's Child said...

I don't play Facebook (dinosaur I know) so can't participate. I hope the auction goes really, really well and that your beautiful bowl goes to someone who loves it.

Anna said...

Hi EC you are not alone in not wanting to play with Facebook however I do find it useful for keeping in touch with friends and relatives overseas.

Thank you for your good wishes for the auction.