26 May 2018

Google and all that stuff

Dear Friends and followers in the EU
I believe Google may have added a message regarding its use of cookies and data on this blog... I have tried to check but as I am in Australia even after taking their suggested way of checking it doesn't appear.
So, I am using a template provided by Blogger which is part of the Google group of companies.  I do not share any data or contact details myself. 

As I do not use their Ad function I believe I do not need to any more.

Hopefully this will not put you off following my posts.

Regards to all


Elephant's Child said...

How nice to hear that someone else followed the suggested methods to check - and failed.

Linda Starr said...

I don't see the ad and have disregarded doing that myself, I don't use ads and I don't share info either, funny we need to do all this while all these other companies such as twitter, fb, and google are storing oodles of info on us without our knowledge and sharing it

Anna said...

Hi EC well me too...

gz said...

it turns upon most blogs, been doing so for a long time now...one click and its gone

Anna said...

Hi Linda I assume it would be visible to those from the EU countries but I couldn't see it either when I followed their link... as you say all those big companies have been doing it without asking us.

Hi GZ this is the first time I have seen it on mine. I have several followers from EU countries and thought they might still be able to see it.

Peter said...

Hi Anna,
I just read something from Google about this on my blog dashboard. I can't see any message from them on my blog about using cookies and so on, and I've checked with two different browsers. I don't know if this shows up in our part of the world, or only in Europe????

Peter :-)

Anna said...

Hi Peter
Yes they have just put out a blanket message with no regard as to whether or not you are in the EU.
From what I can see it is only a problem if you use their Ad function and in the EU.
I'm sure we will be fine with this but then they have started to mess with Blogger too... they obviously haven't heard that is something isn't broke then don't Fix it!