07 June 2018

Australian National Brooch Show

Today I posted off my entries for the Australian National Brooch show which is held in Victoria.

Many of the entries are very creative so I hope mine fit in OK.

I hope they find new homes.  

#1 hand made ceramic bead with glass beads on Silver finding

#2 Floral Curve - hand formed ceramic

#3 Red Bird - hand formed ceramic
If you are in Victoria try to have a look...

Fitzroy Library, 128 Moor St, Fitzroy

6 July - 31 August 2018

We will be holding a special “Try & Buy” event:

Purchasers get to try on a brooch, and can buy it (credit card or cash) and take it that day!

“Try & Buy”: Saturday 7 July, 11am - 1pm, 
Fitzroy Library, 128 Moor St, Fitzroy

Second venue:

Gallery 314, 314 Church Street, Richmond VIC 3121

10 - 23 September, 11am - 6pm daily


Elephant's Child said...

What fun.
I hope you do really well and love the Red Bird.

Anna said...

Hi EC I quite like the bird too... its hard to let them go sometimes :)

Linda Starr said...

oh how lovely your brooches are, that must be some show to see, hope it goes well for you

Anna said...

Hi Linda it is in another State or I would go along to see the range of creative brooches. Thank you for your kind remarks and I will have fingers crossed they are well accepted.