04 November 2019

Second chance

This teapot was meant to go to the Sydney Teapot Show back in September however my kiln broke down and there was no time to refire it.
Once the kiln was repaired I was able to refire the whole load successfully.

So this one is now on show at the Hazelhurst Gallery Shop in Gymea NSW.
The design is inspired by the Bangalow Palm trees we have in our garden.

Wheel thrown stoneware teapot with cane handle. Scraffitto decoration. Royal Blue lid. 2019


Elephant's Child said...

It is an elegant charmer. I suspect it will be snapped up quickly by a discerning viewer.

smartcat said...

Very elegant teapot.

Anna said...

Hi EC thank you. I hope it finds an appreciative home. I quite like this one myself :)

Anna said...

Hi Smartcat thank you. I hope a buyer thinks so too :)

Linda Starr said...


Anna said...

Thanks Linda