29 September 2013

Jugs revisited

I 'm revisiting jugs today
I made this one while a student - a bit of sloppy glaze on glaze work there too :(

this afternoon I threw a couple of different sizes and hope to get back to trim and put handles on tomorrow

and sometimes a ball of clay just wants to be different - well it happens to me :^)

Remember to check out Mud Colony or drop by my Facebook page - I had a give away there this week.  I hope the brooches arrive safely at their new owners places.


Unknown said...

Great jug, love a bold handle!

Anna said...

Hi Georgia
Just hope I can get that boldness again :^) it has been a while since I made that one...

Linda Starr said...

I am always amazed that a handle can be put on the next day and adhere.

Anna said...

Hi Linda
I had the bases well wrapped in plastic overnight and the handles lying over plastic packing bubbles and then wrapped to keep them moist. I was able to catch them in time and they look good so far - the firing will tell..