19 January 2015

Glazed and Confused visit to local gallery

I've had a lovely few days with the visit of my friend in clay, Ellen Appleby.

Ellen was in town for the weekend and we had a lovely time getting to know each other better.

My hard working husband took some time off renovating my studio to come along to brunch at a local cafe on the river...
we had a lovely stroll after our meal...

today we attended the exhibition at the local Regional Gallery, Hazelhurst where we saw the exhibition called :Glazed and Confused.

Its an interesting exhibition as it includes artists who have never worked with clay before so their approaches are varied and the lack of technical skills has meant the results are quite different to what you would expect from a ceramics exhibition.  All the artists were part of a residency program which included time in the Ceramic Design Studio.

Here is a clip about the exhibition by the artists:

the video clip

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The lovely Debby Gower nominated me to take part in the "sharing pottery pics" activity that is bringing in some wonderful pots.
Here is one of my images from Day One of the Five Day challenge:

Now that I almost have my studio back with a new kiln I hope to get back to this type of work.

Thanks for dropping by my blog.

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