31 January 2015

New Studio now up and running!!

I am so happy tonight - I have been throwing for the first time this year and better still - using my wheel in my newly refurbished studio.

It now looks light and fresh and an inspiring place to create pots!!
looking from the door towards the back wall - oh look a brand new kiln too!

looking from the back wall to the front doorway

Here is what it used to look like:

My very clever husband has rendered the walls the ceiling and painted it all.  Put in an exhaust fan for my kiln and made a table/batt storage with a fibre board top.  My very clever son has welded a stand for my kiln which now also has a fibre board shelf under it for props and shelves...

Still a few little bits to tidy up (OK, a lot of clay to be sorted) but my extruder is back on the wall , the notice boards will soon be back up too.

I am working towards an exhibition in Qld at the end of the month and needed a few more pieces to fill my kiln before firing it for the first time.

I am inspired by this slowly opening Magnolia bud  and have been throwing small vases today..

Very exciting --- watch this space...


Linda Starr said...

congrats, looks super and I can almost smell the fragrance of that magnolia

Adriana Christianson said...

Congratulations Anna it looks wonderful !! After such a long wait , well worth it & well deserved x

Caroline said...

How wonderful!

Therese said...

Very nice Anna, way to go!

sadhana said...

Looks fabulous Anna!
Happy creative adventures :)
Sadhana xx

Anna said...

Dear Sadhana, Adriana, Therese, Caroline and Linda thank you all for your encouragement... next challenge will be firing the kiln :)