18 October 2015

The week that was... and an echidna

I've been fairly busy this last week working on a special plate (photos later if it survives) and some Christmas tree ornaments similar to these I made last year:

I also have a hand built bowl underway but need to finish it and perhaps put some feet on it.

I'm sending these brooches off to a charity event in Queensland...

and have a sculpture entered in the Coraki Art Prize... I'll show that once the show is open next week.

And I had a lovely afternoon in the company of the talented Amanda Bromfield at the Museum of Contemporary Art which is right on the harbour.

We toured the gallery from top to bottom and particularly enjoyed the ALEKS DANKO  
(click on his name for details and interviews) exhibition which finished today.

Amanda admires one of Aleks' large ceramic sculptures

Once I looked at those dark pots from last week and got over the surprise of the dark colours,  I was really quite happy with them..

two small plates

detail of small plate
after speaking with the manufacturer I now know I had the glaze too thick but as its colour is a bounty of copper within the glaze, they will still be food safe.

You can see the touches of green on the underside around the feet where the glaze is thinner and more like the result I expected.

and oh yes,  an echidna came into our place!  I couldn't believe my eyes!  He wandered around, up the driveway and into next doors front garden, inspected their shoe rack by the front door, back into the garden and tucked himself up under a bush and went to sleep!

It really made my day... here is a pic of him as he wanders onto next doors front terrace... just a lovely creature...

So I wonder what the coming week will hold - you just never know...


Linda Starr said...

you have been really busy; I'll have to look up and see if an echidna is the same as a porcupine; interesting to see that a copper glaze turned so dark, they are nice no matter but I know what it's like to be disappointed.

Anna said...

Hi Linda - the only resemblance to a porcupine is the quills. Those of an echidna are not so long though. The echidna is one of the few egg laying mammals. The other also being an Australian, the platypus.