30 August 2020

Donating for a good cause - Coastal Creative Appeal

Today I have packed up a little teapot which I am donating to the charity exhibition and sale down at Ulladulla in a few weeks time.
If you are able to travel to the NSW south coast the weekend of the 3rd and 4 October it will be well worth a visit. There are some very well known potters donating works. The money raised will go to help artists and artisans who have literally been through fire, flood and pandemic this year. Some were just starting to get their homes sorted after the fires when there was flooding rains. Then the area was visited by people who were infected with the Corvid-19 virus and businesses in the area had to close. Earlier I had sent down a small sculpture expecting it would be sold at this show which was to be held at Easter, however the Covid restrictions on gatherings and travel meant it had to be postponed. Fortunately my sculpture went to a gallery that also held a fund raiser and it sold straight away. So I am now donating this little teapot with a little bling.. "Summer II" Hopefully it will appeal to someone who goes to the exhibition and the funds will be able to help someone get back into their studio.


Elephant's Child said...

I love your teapot - and the cause.
I cannot get down to the south coast at the moment, but am having a cuppa with a friend who lives down there tomorrow. I will tell her about the exhibition. Thank you.

Anna said...

Thank you. And I hope your friend can attend. They have set up a Facebook page called Coastal Appeal to advertise.

Linda Starr said...

what a bright teapot with the umbrella, I hope lots of money is raised, too many devastating things happening with nature lately all over the globe

Anna said...

Hi Linda hopefully it will bring some brightness to someones life. And yes, nature is in trouble all over. Some Aussie fire fighters are heading to the US to help with the fires there as we prepare for our next summer. Stay well stay safe.