14 June 2015

New Friends, an exhibition plus teapots

I've had a busy week.

More work on those teapots I started the week before... they are under wraps for now. Literally to slow their drying but also to keep them a surprise until they are ready for the Sydney Teapot Show.

blending underglaze colours to decorate teapots

Then it was onto throwing more teapots with a white clay this time

teapot lids are often thrown upside down

I met a new friend, Amanda Bromfield who is a ceramic sculptor and caught up with another friend  I don't see very often, Tanya of Hop'n Frog Pottery..

The three of us met up at the Kerrie Lowe Gallery in Newtown.

We enjoyed seeing the Printed Image exhibition. There are so many talented ceramic artists in this show...

including Ellen Appleby from Noosa who somehow has managed to print on both sides of these "postcards".. so clever

"postcards" by Ellen Appleby with 'nests' by Elaine Bradley in the background
Its always nice to make new friends and potters are generally a friendly bunch so I hope its not too long before we catch up again..

I've been checking out some of my past teapots and seeing which ones I like and how I might improve on the designs...

This one was made for my great niece and included cups and saucers

white stoneware thrown on the wheel.  Green glaze fired to stoneware then refired with violet decals. (2007)

the next week will be busy finishing the white clay teapots and getting them decorated... hope you have a lovely week... maybe I'll see you on Facebook :)


Linda Starr said...

what fun to meet pottery friends in person; that'a a beautiful green set

Anna said...

Hi Linda wouldn't it be fun if we met one day :) and thank you, I'd almost forgotten about the green teaset...