14 July 2006

Cultural Production _ One

I have been researching Australian War Artists and must admit to getting bogged down following my grandfather's WW1 experience. It seems he spent a lot of time in Sutton Veny in England and was lucky to escape the influenza epidemic of 1919.

I have decided to undertake a mixed media triolgy in which I hope to capture some of the emotion of the times and the impact on Australia and my family. I will be illustrating those experiences of WW1, WW2 and Vietnam.

I am posting a working sketch of the first part of the trilolgy.

03 July 2006

Art History Notes

These photos are of the posters I made as class notes. The period we are covering is from 1920 to 1960. I have missed some classes and some classes didn't require this type of class note.

01 July 2006

Exhibition Reviews

I have created an additional blog on which I am posting my write ups of exhibitions I have attended. These reviews are a requirement of my Diploma in Ceramics. To see these reviews please go to http://annasreviews.blogspot.com