31 January 2013

2013 Getting Started

The early weeks of the new year have been spent mostly designing, thinking pots and a bit of a clean up in the studio, recycling some clay, 

and even a drawing (see previous post).

I've got started at last:
While I was throwing I had a visit from a Koel - the migratory Cuckoo who visits us each summer from Papua New Guinea.
He (the black one) was enjoying the berries on the palm tree outside the studio
we have a bumper crop on all the palm trees in our yard this year - guess the rain came at the right time - he flew off before I could get a picture of him.

As you know I'm not a production potter but I'm just glad to get SOMETHING started..
some handbuilding of flowers to be added to the lids...

 they are quite small, 450gms but I see them with someones jewellery inside when they find a home.

The group blog, Mud Colony is back up so pop over and see how others are getting started in clay this year.  You can also find me on Facebook under Anna's Ceramics or check my Facebook Group page, Anna's Aussie Ceramics for general goings on...

27 January 2013

Inspiration for drawing

I am considering making some decals from my own drawings and I enjoy drawing anyway.
My latest effort is this pen drawing of a banksia seedpod which I found near a local carpark.

It is a Banksia integrifolia or Coastal Banksia and they grow along the coast of Qld, NSW and Vic.

22 January 2013

Visitors from France

Unfortunately I won't get to meet up with the visiting potters from France who will be attending the special event in Victoria this February... the Pottery Expo at Warrandyte

I have a tiny little vessel made by one of the potters, Maryse Tavernier, who I met in 2010.  I even had an invitation to attend her Paris exhibition but alas we had prebooked tickets for the Moulin Rouge that night.  We did visit the gallery the next day, Galerie Mediart 109 rue Qincampoix. There were wonderful vessels there but all too large to risk bringing back in our luggage.

I was able to purchase a small vessel from a shop near her home which is just beautiful:

It is just a little more green than shows here - Maryse developed her own Celedon glaze.  You can see why I was very happy to get it home in one piece.

16 January 2013

Its Grand (as they say in Ireland)

I took this photo a while ago (2004) of the flower of the Grandiflora Magnolia we have in our back yard.  The previous post shows the remains of the stamen after the flower has faded and the petals fallen.  I guess it is the way my eyes see the world but those fallen stamens could easily inspire a wonderful textured pot.

12 January 2013

From Roussillon

Back in 2010 my husband and I visited France and took a tour with Jane Annois of Zeste French Tours (Jane also organizes the Pottery Expo in Victoria)
Since we returned I have been keeping aside some of the pots and souvenirs I collected along the way. Well, the New Year brought on a clean up and I now have this beautiful bowl on display instead of being packed in a box.
 It was purchased at a pottery in Roussillon, the La Poterie des Chals which is run by Nathalie Pouzet and Jean Jacques Dubernard.

I don't speak much French but I was told that Jean Jacques threw the bowl and Nathalie decorated it.
Follow the link to their website for a wonderful insight into their pottery.  It has a very long history with the oldest kiln only been replaced in the last few years.

07 January 2013

Visiting Sydney

If you are visiting Sydney from Interstate it can be a bit overwhelming to know where to start to see some current ceramic works or even just contemporary Art works.

Here are a few to get you started:

The large public galleries are:

The Museum of Contemporary Art  - always has something of interest on the go and is right near the ferries of Circular Quay.

From Circular Quay you can walk through the Botanic Gardens to the NSW Art Gallery currently showing works by Francis Bacon. There is a great collection of Asian ceramics.

In between is the NSW State Library which often has good photography exhibitions

Over the water to Manly and just after you get off the ferry, head to the left past the little beach (the main beach is through the shopping area straight ahead) to the Manly Art Gallery Museum which houses an amazing collection of Australian Ceramics and is where the Australian Ceramics Assn often hold their members exhibitions.

Not far from the CBD and the Central Railway Station is the suburb of Glebe which is home to the Inner City Clayworkers Gallery, a co-op shop that has been going for about 40yrs with new members replacing those that retire.  Always interesting works and a show of graduating students work will open in January.

On the other side of town but still close, in Paddington, is Sabbia Gallery which exhibits the very best works of current contemporary Ceramic Artists and also glassworks.

Then on the south side is the private gallery, Kerrie Lowe Gallery at Newtown.

January is the month of the Sydney Festival and there will be lots of theatre and shows all over town and even in the harbour so if you are visiting have a great time.