26 August 2014

Teapot Show sales

I just found out my second teapot has sold at the Teapot Show, yay!

I've sold both that I submitted plus the tea-bowls that went with the Lilly Pilly Chartreuse pot. The image below exaggerates the size of the tea-bowls.. they are actually more in keeping with the teapot.

"Violets are Blue"  stoneware with underglaze decoration 2014

"Lilly Pilly Chartreuse" stoneware with underglaze decoration 2014

Excellent news and the Inner City Clayworkers Gallery are to be commended for the great show they organize each year.  If you go to their website you can see the stunning winning entries, HERE.

24 August 2014

waiting on firing

I still don't have my own kiln so I am waiting for my two pigs from Facebook fame to be fired and also my second sculpture which will then need to be smoke or sawdust fired.

In the interim I have got back into my sadly neglected garden...

I had a pond in this garden bed which I moved out and put my water lily plants into a large pot.  That worked well but now I have a large hole to fill in the garden bed.

I am also redoing the planting style.  After seeing all the cottage gardens in the UK like this one:

Corner house in Dalish Wake Somerset UK in May 2014

and flowers like these:

Clematis vine on fence in Wales

Black Tulip - Somerset UK

Orange double poppy - Somerset UK

I am determined to have more flowers in my garden.  Just have to buy more soil to fill in that hole and get planting.  Of course we don't get the rainfall here that Somerset and Wales would enjoy but I can adapt and still enjoy more flowers.

refurbishment under way..  note the big hole in front of shrubs.  The nandina bush was moved to the back to allow planting in front of it..

17 August 2014

Pigs on Facebook

I spend way too much time looking at images of other potters work on Facebook but have also found a group called the Breakfast Club Diaries.  Here people post images of their morning walks.  Well one person is posting images of her pet pigs!
What a find.. it is so good to have current images of life size proportions that have inspired by latest pig sculptures...

What do you think..

Here is Spot
and Blackie

and here are my inspired versions

my hand formed pigs are quite small but I'm very happy with them so far..  fingers crossed for the firings and setting them on a stand which I threw on the wheel today..

11 August 2014

2014 Teapot Show

Well at last I have some images to share with you...  technology has not been my friend of late but we seem to have come to an understanding at last ..

Currently I have two teapots at the Inner City Clayworkers Gallery in Glebe NSW.  This is a highlight for makers and collectors with all types of teapots on show. (click on the gallery name to see winning entries).

I was delighted to have one of mine sell on opening night...

"Violets are Blue" sold opening night - a lovely red sticker

I also have a second teapot on show along with matching tea bowls - I hope it finds a new home.

The show runs until 31st August 2014

06 August 2014

no posts for a while

Sorry about not posting for a while... first my computer needed to be replaced and now I have to learn how to download images to the new one..

here is an old one to keep you going...
hand formed pigs on thrown and altered base.  Iron base glaze fired to stoneware in reduction...2012