27 June 2011

Healthy work practise

This Article on the Australian Ceramics website by Johanna De Maine is good and concise.  Anyone who does manual work, not only with clay, would get some good tips.  Follow this link to read the article yourself:
Ergonomics - in the clay studio

Image of Johanna in her studio. What a great way to decorate!

26 June 2011

Another pig lover

I came across the work of Chang Hyun Bang - he also seems to like pigs :^)
Chang Hyun Bang

23 June 2011

French curtains

I have been following Rae Dunn's blog of her adventures in France and thought I would share this snap I took last year.  I could have done a whole series on the lacy net curtains there were so many lovely varieties.

Winter Winds

The last few days we have been battered by very cold winds blowing up from the Southern Alps and across from the Blue Mountains which have also had some snow.  Here on the coast we are relatively warm if you call a maximum of 14deg C warm and that doesn't take the wind chill factor into account.
Anyway we do get some nice colours to compensate a little.For example these two types of the bamboo family, the Black Bamboo with nice red berries and the Nandina bush with lovely red leaves that stay on the bush all year round but colour up in the cold weather.

20 June 2011

this or that?

My teapots are slowing drying and I have a few spare lids just in case.
  It is interesting how a little less or a little more clay in a curve or knob changes the whole 'feel' of a piece.

17 June 2011

Mother Nature and Clay

Was it just the other day I was complaining about not being able to trim pots as they wouldn't dry because of wet weather?  Well Mother Nature heard me and very helpfully sent a drying wind today - I do wish I had taken that into account and covered the handles I had firming up while I finally trimmed the lids.  Fingers crossed that last handle doesn't break off during firing.  I am hoping slow drying over the next day or so will save any problems.  Don't you love the way clay keeps you on your toes :^)

12 June 2011

Inspiring Maker

Hella Jongerius' work has been an inspiration to me for several years so I was really pleased to see that Josie of Josie Goes to Pot also finds her work inspirational enough to post this video clip:
Hella Jongerius Bowl, "Non-Temporary" Series

10 June 2011

Staying warm

My studio has sprung a leak and is too cold and damp to work in so I have taken over the kitchen table for now. It means I can also get warm water to work with as needed :^)
So no wheel work just now - this is a handbuildt box - needs very slow drying as the slabs are rather thin and the joins need the time to fuse.

09 June 2011

A Good Cause

These potters, Ian and Morag,  lost their studio and home in a fire last month.  Fellow potters have stepped in to help.
There will be a sale at the Canberra Potters and an online auction.
Check this link for more:  http://gundaroobenefit.blogspot.com

This is their website but all their work was lost in the fire.  http://www.oldsaintlukesstudio.com.au/
They had a lovely timber gallery.

03 June 2011

A Great Gift

My sons gave me an Amazon Voucher for Mothers Day and my choice arrived today.  It's a great book with lots of images both of completed teapots and tips on making them.  Should be a great inspiration and resource.