30 September 2019

Teapot, kiln failure and Art for Bales

I am very happy with my entry in the Sydney Teapot Show. My teapot (only one due to my kiln failing at a crucial time) titled "Bluey" sold on day one of the show!

"Bluey" stoneware wheel thrown teapot 2019
That will help with the expense of repairing my little kiln!

The show will be open until the 20 October 2019 at the Kerrie Lowe Gallery in Newtown, Sydney.

If you are on Instagram please keep a look out for the fund raiser called Art for Bales 2019.  I took part last year and sadly their help is still needed as our farmers face another year of drought which also means more bushfires.  It all takes a toll on both farmers and the animals.

I will be selling 3 of my porcelain brooches so check out #artforbales2019 and my Instagram account - @potterybyanna.
The sale is only on Instagram and will go live from 19 October 2019.