25 September 2015

Sales and preparations

Well I'll have to try that again for the next sales event I'm a part of... post images of what I'll have on sale...

That green planter pot and the pendant and ear-rings (see previous post) all sold at the stall with the Port Hacking Potters the other day so that was very nice.

I also sold one of my yarn bowls and a pedestal bowl.. plus a few other things

The good thing was we were inside out of the weather on an unusually cold wet day... another plus, we didn't have to get up too early as it was a 9am start and not far away...

Here is a look at my part of our stall tables

Pots for sale at Sutherland Hospital foyer with the Port Hacking Potters Group

It was surprising that none of my friends colourful dogs found new homes.  You can never tell what will appeal.

Jugs and sculptural pieces drying in the studio

Mean time I am drying pots and sculpture pieces in preparation for a bisque firing...
The return to cold weather has slowed things down so I'm hoping the weather will clear in the next day or so.

22 September 2015

Stall with Port Hacking Potters Group Thursday 24 September

If you are in the area you might like to call by Sutherland Hospital foyer (Cnr The Kingsway & Kareena Road, Caringbah) this
Thursday 24 September.

Myself and several others from the Port Hacking Potters Group will be selling their pots from
9am to 2:30pm.

There will be a big variety of styles and pots available - from planter pots to jewellery..
Wheel thrown stoneware clay, stamped decoration, dark celadon glaze.

Porcelain Jewellery - pendant and ear-rings

13 September 2015

next project underway

wheel thrown sphere - buff stoneware clay
this sphere is the beginning of my next sculpture project...

I won't give too much away as I am on a deadline and want it to be a surprise...

fingers crossed it works the way I envisage in my mind ...

I also thought a white sphere would work well and I always do more than one in a series of ideas...
My recycle bucket also included some paper clay which has a tendency to break down...

this means it has a bad smell, yuk... however after checking with my fellow potters I was assured the smell was nothing to worry about.  It lessened somewhat after leaving it out to dry overnight.  I could have added half a teaspoon of tea-tree oil but went ahead without this time.
wedging recycled clay

I wedged up 2.5 kgs and now have another sphere to work with...

It is spring and the weather is warming up here.  Its nice to be in the studio without needing a heater.

Our Wonga Wonga Vine is outstanding this year.  We have the original cream one... there are other colours around now but I love ours and so do the bees including the native bee.