29 November 2012

Hanging in there

Gosh I'm ready for a break.. it has been a full on year but I have to hang in there a bit longer...

Two meetings with the community pottery group PLUS an all day stall in Cronulla Mall at the end of next week!

These (above) have all had their backs sanded and last night in front of the TV (watching 'Castle") they now sport their hanging ribbons...

These buttons have also been sanded on the back and now I need to sew them onto card ready for the market
which will be in Cronulla Mall on Saturday 8th December 2012 - 9.30am to 4pm near the flag pole.

I did take time to appreciate a little beauty in my local town...

the Jacaranda trees are in bloom all around Sydney

this one is opposite our local library and trying to cover up the ugly concrete with its pretty flowers...

there are two trees, one either side of these steps and a nice feature wall up the top....

Jacaranda and Star Jasmine

I have also updated my online Portfolio - here:

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25 November 2012

Chilling out

It's a hot one here in Sydney (Oz) today - over 28 deg C at 11am..
So after a few chores its time to chill out for a while..

An icey drink, and what I'm reading - a science fiction and the latest edition of the Australian Ceramics magazine :^) (alternatively :) )

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Chill ....

17 November 2012


My latest pig sculpture is in the foreground on the lower plinth.
The previous post showed works by graduating students of the Ceramic Design Studio at Gymea TAFE.

I left out my own work so here are some that were there.

Unfortunately I had to be out of town when the show went up and my pigs were marked on the catalogue as NFS when really I would have happily have sold them.

The bracelet and necklace were for sale but it will be a few days before I find out if they found a new home.

Have you checked out the group blog, Artists in Blogland yet?  Worth a visit :^)  You might have to scroll down to see this weeks additions.

14 November 2012

A great show - do hope they can continue

A recent decision by the NSW State government to cut funding to all Arts programs in our technical colleges has been devastating news.
On Monday night I attended the Student Award Presentations and Exhibition opening of the Ceramic Design Studio (Gymea TAFE college) at the Muse Gallery, Ultimo, Sydney.

The work is just outstanding!  I so hope that the protest rally held today and the petitions presented will do some good to reverse the decision.

You can see some of the prize winners on the Port Hacking Potters blog but I thought I would add a few more images here.

work by several students

new works by Tracey Mitchell - see her website for more: Here
Just love this one by Tracey Mitchell

Graduating students, Rosemary Backhouse and Dorothy Shaw

Graduating Students, Mei Ling Wong and Youngme Ohn

several students

interesting slipcast pieces

Slipcast vessels by Ellin Pooley

These following works by Diploma student Nicky Parras are my favourite this year:
October Seater Woman

May Girl Dreaming

Winged Flight

and more by Nicky Parras

White Nesting

Best of luck to all the students for their future be it producing more art or ongoing studies.

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08 November 2012

Look familiar?

Today I came across this clip on a Facebook site:


it dates back to 1941 and is of workers at the Wedgwood factory back then.  The opening images reminded me of our trip to the UK in 2010 when we visited the Wedgwood museum.

Have a look at the clip and see if you agree:

the blue bells were amazing and right on the road side next to the museum.

while in the visitors centre I threw this little pot using their Jasperware - I think perhaps the blue bells inspired Josiah way back then!
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02 November 2012

Ins and Outs

today these went into a glaze firing along with a friend's flat ware.

Not a tight pack but we are still testing to see if the kiln will get up to temp in its new position.

Earlier this week I was learning a bit about the shellac resist and wash back technique to decorate these bowls - more photos next week about these...

and then Ta Da...
one successful pig sculpture, YAY!

Not as dark as the previous one but no cracks either :^)

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