25 January 2011

Just the right size

I made a few of these little plates to use at home and they are just the right size for my morning toast.

It is so nice to use a hand made piece and these can safely go in the dishwasher.

22 January 2011

Holiday sketches

This year I will be using my sketch book more often.
I started with these water colour sketches while staying in Coolangatta, Qld. Fortunately we were well away from the floods.
Lovely yellow creeper is used in many gardens in the area.

From the balcony on a grey day.

20 January 2011

Day 4 - Master class

Two part throwing.  Pedestal bowls and cake stand and how to throw a wobbly pot on purpose :^)

19 January 2011

18 January 2011

02 January 2011

Studio clean up

This image was taken during the cooler months but it shows the view I have from my studio.  I am having a big clean up, throwing out those old tests I'll never use - putting things back where they belong and tomorrow, when it is cooler I'll wash the floor and pack my tools ready for the Master class with Sandy Lockwood in a couple of weeks time.