30 July 2007

Thank you

Thank you to all my friends at TAFE for the get well wishes and flowers - I hope to be back to classes very soon :)

23 July 2007

Lilly Pilly Designs on Bowls

I have used my Lilly Pilly designs to decorate some bowls. I used blue underglaze to make riso prints. Unfortunately a small round riso screen disintergrated so I have 3 bowls with large and small round prints and 3 bowls with large round plus sections of rectangular prints.

(3) Detail of bowl. (2) Small design. (1) Large round design.

Palm Tree Fruit Designs

Using this photo of palm tree fruit (berries) as I starting point I have made these designs to use on my ceramic works.

New Designs _ Guinea Flower Seed Pods

I have come up with three new designs from my initial drawings. I used shaped frames - oval, wavy rectangle and a hexagonal frame. Here they are: