27 October 2007

After Hella Jongerius

I have been impressed by the work of this Dutch designer and so created my own series using pigs which were a significant animal in our family life. My father had his own piggery of stud Berkshire pigs.

15 October 2007

Coolamon detail

These photos show detail of my coolamon platters decoration. The colours are on the inside and the plain stamp is on the outside. I have then used a coloured terrasiggilata on the outside which will remain unglazed. The inside will have a clear glaze to enhance the coloured underglazes and make them functional.

My Coolamon Platters

These are not the best photos but you can get the idea. To make them I roll out a small slab of clay, stamp my decoration on the clay then cut the slab and reassemble it in a plaster mold. The decoration is made by a technique called relief printing using underglaze colours. So far I have made five and the first one is in a kiln ready to be fired tomorrow.