21 July 2008

You are invited to the Teapot Show

If you are in Sydney during August try to come along to the Innercity Clayworkers Annual Teapot Show at Glebe. Everyone is welcome and the standard is amazing. Click on the title of this post to go to their website for details.

Drawing Ginger Flowers

These drawings were a class activity last term.
I used pastels to capture the great colours. The second drawing was done a week later when the flowers were no longer fresh.

19 July 2008

Anna's Ceramics: Teaset

February 2007 I made a teaset for my great niece. Here is a link to that posting.

Anna's Ceramics: Teaset

Other postings to look for teapots are titled: Ready to decorate; Teapots by hand; Woodfiring; Teapots.

14 July 2008

An alternate view of WYD SYD 08

At the Tap Gallery, Darlinghurst. A mini exhibition by my friend, Lizzy Ryan.

13 July 2008

Ready to decorate

These teapots are thrown on the wheel and are ready for decoration.

teapots by hand

These teapots are made from stamped slabs, shaped in a mold and then cut and assembled.

04 July 2008

Jewellery 2

Puting them together is fun :)


I have also been dabbling in jewellery making. I have made a few pendants and some beads so far.

The Native Violet

Here is the outcome of my native violet design.
The glaze was slightly opaque where I would have preferred a clear glaze which would have given stronger colours in the design.

Wood firing

these pieces were fired in a wood burning kiln which I helped to fire.
The square teapot is not functional - just for show :)