27 February 2011

My pigs

Pigs tend to get bad press but my Dad had a piggery of what are now classed as a rare breed, the Berkshire pig. Yes at times they were smelly (after wet weather when their yards were overdue for a clean) and yes they love to root in the dirt but they do have character! I have made a few different ones along the way:


I am looking to make some handbuilt jugs - same design as this one but smaller and with textured slabs not printed.
The glaze job on this was shocking so it has taken me a couple of years to be able to look at the design again.

14 February 2011

Some bowls

Experimenting to find a range to sell at markets:

Some with sprigs (detail) and some with slip and brush work.  I'll bisque them and then see if they need any more decoration before being glazed.

10 February 2011


Little pieces of pottery can turn up in unexpected places:

this was at Cronulla Beach.

04 February 2011

Sketch in watercolour

These flowers sneak up under the big green leaves of this tropical plant which grows in our sheltered courtyard.