31 March 2011


Today I packed a kiln of high fire (1300) oxidised ware.  Won't know for a few days how that goes.  These pieces are in a bisque firing that should be cool tomorrow morning to unpack...

22 March 2011

Print Day at My Friends Place

Today I met up with 4 friends at D's house and we tried out lots of different print techniques.  Great fun and really useful.  Thanks to all and especially D for your hospitality.

Slabs ready to go

Trying the Lithography technique

Wall paper, slip trailing and tissue prints

21 March 2011


A couple of my pottery friends are getting together tomorrow to try out some printing techniques.
We are going to try out the Lithograph technique and I hope to use these designs. 

19 March 2011

Tests, clay and glazes

As anyone working in clay knows we need to test our materials whenever we use something new.  I am using a new clay and 3 new commercial glazes.  Recently I tested them in a small electric test kiln fired to Cone 10.  Mixed results.

I expected this one to have more blue and more shine.

This copper based glaze is about what I was hoping for.

This is porcelain and not as white as I had hoped.

This one is called Hyacinth Blue.  The teabag holder had some green underglaze so that is OK.  The test dish looks promising.

16 March 2011

Visit to the country - Pottery of course

Today I visited the Old School Pottery at Toolijooa where Roger Graham and his wife made us welcome with tea and cake, showed around the showroom and the Roger proceeded to share all his pottery secrets.  Isn't it interesting how often potters also get into the tool making side of things? Roger is a functional potter and his wife makes lovely sculptures - a great friendly team.  We (some of the Port Hacking Potters Group) had a great day.

A little corner of the gallery shop.
Showing us how to make a knife from a hacksaw blade.

14 March 2011

Good luck to the online auction for Japan

American/Japanese potter, Ayumi Horie is organising an online auction to raise funds for the victims of the earthquake and resulting tidal waves in Japan. Handmade works will be photographed and put on a special ebay site.  A similar auction raised a lot of money for the people of Queensland, Australia earlier this year.
Her work is fun and quite distinctive with whimsical drawings. This plate is from her website. http://www.ayumihorie.com/   I imagine there will be many other well known potters donating their works.
There is also a Facebook page being set up and Ayumi has her own Facebook page.

13 March 2011


I am feeling very sad and upset for all those people in Japan who have lost their lives, loved ones and possesions in the terrible Tsunamis.
This account from an Australian/Japanese potter really brings it home.  As a parent myself I can feel the terrible fear expressed as he trys to get to his children, who thankfully are safe.  http://euancraig.blogspot.com/

09 March 2011


I just found out that I have been accepted for a local exhibition!  It is the Friends of Hazelhurst exhibition at the nearby Regional Gallery.  I will be submitting work that won a prize last year as it could be work that had been previously shown.

01 March 2011

New coat

I got myself out for some much needed exercise this morning and the bush is just full of shed bark from the trees.  The ground is messy and it's a bit of a bush fire hazard but the new shiny trunks are wonderful.