30 April 2011


I have started to put together a presentation of the potteries I visited in the UK last year - can't believe it is almost 12mths since we flew out for our 11 weeks of Ireland, UK, France and Germany.  So many great memories.  I hope my presentation will give others some idea of the history behind the medium that is taken for granted each day we eat off a plate, drink from a mug or cook in the oven or even those little ornaments in the glass cabinet.
I scanned this photo (taken in Stoke on Trent in 1953) which shows how many coal fired bottle kilns there used to be in use.
The one circled is the Gladstone Pottery Museum which is trying to preserve the history of the area and has 5 of the remaining 47 bottle kilns.
I had such a great day there and my husband took heaps of photos.

18 April 2011

A little success

Found out today that one of my pieces in the Friends of Hazelhurst exhibition has sold. Some is better than none!

Part of mini installation "Boudoir Nostalgia"  also includes wall hanging (not shown).

13 April 2011

Sales Event

These are destined for a Sales event by the Port Hacking Potters Group I belong to.  We will be selling our work in the School of Arts at Cronulla this Thursday and Friday, 14th &15th April 2011.

12 April 2011

Teapot retrospective

I am posting images of teapots I have made in the past so I can critique them before I start on my design for my entry in this year's Sydney Teapot Show at the Innercity Clayworkers Gallery in a few months time.

"Crouching Tiger"

"Jade 2"
Woodfired 1 & 2
Yellow with cane handle


05 April 2011

New Prototype - not quite there yet

Designing a new shape can take time.  I am trying to get an oval vase shape on the wheel.  Getting a nice foot at the same time is rather tricky. These are still too squat so back to the wheel for me.

commercial tissue print flowers

Ceramic pencil and commercial tissue print cutouts

03 April 2011

Own plant pot

It is nice to use something that you have made yourself.  I might get around to making some more plant pots one of these days.  This one has a saucer that is thrown at the same time as the pot.