25 July 2012

Underway plus some candy

this week myself and other members of the Port Hacking Potters Group delivered our pots to go into a bisque in preparation for a wood firing that will be happening over the next few weeks at Gymea TAFE College.

Top shelf are mine and the lower shelf are by my friend Therese who makes consistently good work. I have a few beads in the bowls.  I'll be adding some oxide brush work to those bottles.

Next week we will be glazing -

And then!
Took some flyers for the Port Hacking Potters Competition up to give to the lovely John, from Blackwattle and received a batch of his very very newest clay to test.  Can't wait!!  It is a mid-fire (1200) stoneware.  Just what I was thinking I wanted :^)

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19 July 2012

Packed and ready

Today I packed up 3 teapots for the Sydney Teapot Show and will deliver them over the other side of Sydney to the Inner City Clay workers Gallery at Glebe.
Unfortunately I won't be able to attend the opening night but will certainly get along to see this year's collection of astounding creations.

Here is a copy of the invitation ( I scanned the front and back) :

Hope you can get over to check it out for yourself, you won't be disappointed.

Hi to my new follower, Michelle, thanks for looking in :^)

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16 July 2012

Time Out

Took a few hours out today with my husband.  We drove to Kurnell, which is where Captain Cook first landed on the East Coast of Australia looking for fresh water and shots were fired at two Aboriginal men when they waved their spears around in an effort to defend their home ground.  At least there are now some moves to recognise that early encounter with art works with text that does make some attempt to explain the differences in culture that clashed that day.  Now a National Park it is a little oasis amongst the industry of the modern age.  Here are a few snaps - a wonderful calm day after a strong wind last night.

looking South to the village from a little wharf where a ferry used to come across Botany Bay from La Perouse

a plane coming into land at Sydney Airport - the wharf is for the nearby Petroleum refinery

afternoon sunshine streaming through this stand of Stringy Bark Eucalyptus trees

15 July 2012

Testing Clay Body

The other week I attended the Keanes Ceramics Open Day at Brookvale TAFE College on the other side of Sydney.  Keanes have just released a new stoneware clay called Ironstone.

I purchased a sample (the profits were to go to a Lymphoma charity) and also watched the expert Cameron Williams throwing with it.  It is a smooth body and has a slightly purple tinge to it.

Just the thing for a wood firing I think so I have made a few little beads and pendants to try out when I do a wood firing next month with the other members of the Port Hacking Potters Group.

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05 July 2012

Books on Wood Firing

I am now making some pots for a Wood Firing Experience that is happening with other members of the Port Hacking Potters Group.
I don't know a lot about wood firing so I've been doing some research and took out some books on loan from the TAFE College library.  Wonderful images and lots of information, more than I could take in, so I'm just skimming and looking for ideas to help me with how to glaze and decorate....

The most recently published is The Art of Woodfire, A contemporary Ceramics Practise. by Owen Rye (2011) Owen is a well known and respected Australian Wood firer.

The next most recent one is a Japanese/American publication: Japanese Wood-Fired Ceramics by Masakazu Kusakabe and Marc Lancet. This second one goes into lots of detail - even showing how kilns are built.

Lots of ideas in my head now and I've thrown my pots but need to get a few bits and pieces together before I can finish them off.  Love this part of the process :^)

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02 July 2012


That teapot in the last post went in the recycle bag as it was still cracking after 3rd try, just didn't want to be a teapot.
Soooo, next is a wood firing with members of the Port Hacking Potters to be held at Gymea TAFE College in August.
Cleaned out the studio and have some buff stoneware out on plaster batts drying.  Tomorrow I'll be wedging it up.  I'll only have a small part of the kiln as there are about 15 of us taking part.  I'm thinking bowls and vases....