20 February 2015

First firing and the Matchbox Show

As is often the case with potters, I haven't posted for a while as I've been busy making!

this one broke but I had more so it didn't matter
 and Firing!

I fired my first bisque firing and all went well:
Top Shelf prior to bisque

Bottom Shelf after bisque

I then prepared for my first glaze firing and was very conscious of the deadline for an exhibition and wanting to leave time to refire if needed...

The bisque firing showed that the lower shelf could be hotter than the top shelf.  I also wanted to include more jewellery pieces in the glaze firing so packed it differently.

Top Shelf after glaze firing - check the top back right pot 

Lower shelf after glaze firing

Hind sight is a great thing and inspite of being told by more experienced potters I should either put 'setters' under my glazed pots or at least put kiln wash on the shelves I hastily went ahead and of course for the first time ever the glaze ran.  I also upped the temperature higher than the suggested schedule of the kiln maker.  Ah we live and learn from our mistakes...

remains of glaze and pot stuck to shelf

underside of pot which stuck to shelf, Note clay pulled off pot by glaze run.

As it is I have a half kiln shelf that is damaged.  I may be able to clean it up but won't know until I try and I'll be sure to get some kiln wash before doing another glaze firing.

Fortunately all my work for The Matchbox Show's Fifth Anniversary Exhibition is fine and now on its way.

Here is a preview

A mix and match of ideas, all in Keanes Porcelain and some embellished with gold.

If you are going to be in Brisbane between the 10 - 21 March 2015 then I hope you will call by the gallery and have a look at the show.  I am thrilled to be included with some amazingly creative ceramic artists from across Australia..