29 March 2013

Local Paper and some piercing

Our local paper ran an article on the Port Hacking Potters' day at the Royal Easter Show which was great publicity for our Group and nice acknowledgement for the team who put themselves out to get up Very Early in the morning to share our craft with the Public.

I'm not so keen on the Header though.. still it reads well and lets people know we are an active group :)

I'm quite enjoying the piercing I am trying at the moment - of course while I enjoy making the holes and patterns, the glazing will be a challenge..
I added some more swirls and leaves after this photo was taken...

Next will be a couple of vases with a shellac resist pattern.. hmnn fuzzy photo, must have moved :(

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23 March 2013

Clay on Display @ The Sydney Royal Easter Show

I wonder if we will have to change the name of the Sydney Royal Easter Show if we become a Republic one day?
Along with 9 other members of the Port Hacking Potters Group we manned the Feature Display, "Clay on Display"  for a day this week.

Each year the Show organisers promote a particular craft and this year was our turn.

The idea was to show off our techniques and encourage the public to consider taking classes or at least appreciate what goes into making a finished piece of clay work.

The central display was organised by the Australian Ceramic Assn and then the huge stand was bordered by a work space where a pottery wheel was setup and tables for hand builders and one for decorators.

bowls decorated by Therese

my own pieces being decorated with scaffito and piecing

There was also a Competition Section which I entered with one of my pig sculptures

Revenue Lineup at the Show

and my friend Therese was happy I had talked her into entering her lovely bowl:
Therese looking pleased at winning a Highly Commended red ribbon and it was sold too!
as it won a Highly Commended.

We all came home tired but pleased with our efforts to promote our Art.

I'll be sharing this post to my Facebook page and also over to Mud Colony - the bloggers group.

17 March 2013

Happy St Pats and a quick meal

St Patrick's Day today - Hope all my friends with Irish connections have a good day :^)

We spent 4 hours driving there and back to visit my Dad so just had a quick meal tonight - corn and carrot pikelets.

I do enjoy using my own bowls at home..
and they are OK in the microwave to melt the butter - this is a blue slip inlay, Shino glaze and reduction firing.

Sitting at my computer the other night and found I had a companion - much quieter than Truly's ferret :^)

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11 March 2013

Looking green

This week I have picked up my teapots and a couple of little vessels from the community kiln.

this one's mate is in the hands of Australia Post, winging its way to Studio @ Flinders who run the Melbourne Teapot Show.

The design is slightly different to this one but made in the same way. A painted underglaze design based on the flowers of the Illawarra Flame Tree with a little scraffito detail.  They were then glazed in a pale celedon and gas reduction fired to 1280 degrees which vitrifies the clay and makes them non-porous.

I also had two little tealight holders in the same firing -
one already has a new home to go to, this is the other one:

In the mean time I am helping to organize part of the 'Clay on Display' feature at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.  The Port Hacking Potters Group will be there on Friday 22 March - call by and say 'hello' when you check out the Arts and Crafts Pavillion.

Off to Mud Colony now to see what's happening in other studios and remember I have a Facebook page, Anna's Ceramics and a Fb Group, Anna's Aussie Ceramics.