29 May 2018

In the mean time

I have the kiln running for a glaze firing today... fingers crossed

I have some jewellery in there and some buttons...

Here is a knolling image of some past bits and bobs

26 May 2018

Google and all that stuff

Dear Friends and followers in the EU
I believe Google may have added a message regarding its use of cookies and data on this blog... I have tried to check but as I am in Australia even after taking their suggested way of checking it doesn't appear.
So, I am using a template provided by Blogger which is part of the Google group of companies.  I do not share any data or contact details myself. 

As I do not use their Ad function I believe I do not need to any more.

Hopefully this will not put you off following my posts.

Regards to all

22 May 2018

Raku firing with potters group

last weekend I took part in a Raku firing day with friends from the Port Hacking Potters Group.

I shared a ride with two others and met at the property of Master Potter, Steve Harrison and his partner, Janine.

Steve Harrison getting his raku kilns fired up
The glazes were provided as a part of the workshop price and we each took around 6 pots to fire.

my friend Joe glazing his pots

We all helped stoke his natty little wood firing kilns, move the hot pots to the sawdust for the post reduction and at the end of the day, pack it all away.
in the firebox
Sally and Helen moving the sawdust over the pots while Rhonda and Dorothy watch for the next load.

A mixed result for me but when you don't use this technique very often it can be tricky...

Here are some of the better ones:

this is probably the best result although it wasn't put in the sawdust so no post firing reduction

this glaze is likely to crackle more in days to come

some very subtle colours with this one and it has a bit of a landscape affect

my pears look a bit stressed...
the weather was great... the early cold wind died off and it was perfect for firing outdoors.  I'd say we all slept well that night.

16 May 2018

Mother's Day bouquet

The day before Mother's Day (second Sunday in May here in Oz) I sold well at the local Farmer's Market.
One of my son's and his wife sent me a huge bouquet so I had to go looking for vases...

I was also given a treat at a local spa... it's lovely when you are remembered by family even if these days are very commercial.

wheel thrown Shino glaze with iron oxide brush strokes fired in reduction

Wheel thrown black slip on white body scraffito into wet slip clear glaze stoneware electric firing

08 May 2018

Highlights, donations and back to the studio

 If I'm not blogging I must be making....  
rolling slabs by hand - big rolling pin and textured slabs ready for making platters...

the last month or so has been busy with sales and a new supplier taking my work... a big thank you to Neta at the Hazelhurst Gallery Shop where my pigs seem to be very popular.

They are not very big but are time consuming to make...

Hand formed porcelain pigs - underglaze and tissue print decoration

Handformed speckled pigs - stoneware BRT clay with underglaze

the slab work can be fun and this little dish found a new home at the Shire Creativity exhibition
Hand formed trinket dish - stoneware, stamped and tissue print decoration
 Meanwhile this teapot was my donation to a local Heritage Day raffle by the Botany Bay Family History Society
Blue/green glaze teapot - wheel thrown stoneware with cane handle
 and this one went to a charity auction to help the Tamworth Legacy and I heard back later that the local Mayor had the winning bid.  I hope their new owners enjoy a good few cups of tea from them.
Hobbit style teapot - stoneware, wheel thrown with underglaze and tissue print decoration