29 September 2014

in the gallery

Isn't it lovely how ones work is transformed when on display in a gallery?

"Cos all the trees have vanished" (acknowledges poem, Big Pigs Picnic by Mark Hopwood)
The Port Hacking Potters 48th National Competition once again attracted excellent ceramic works from across Australia and I'm very pleased to have been part of it again.

The work of packing up will be on Wednesday this week and then that will be it for another two years.

The work behind is called "Village 3" by Alison Tucker, a NSW artist.

UPDATE:  MY SCULPTURE WAS SOLD.  I'm very happy it has found a new home!

21 September 2014

Pigs at Hazelhurst

You will know from my previous posts that I am involved in the Port Hacking Potters Group and its 48th National Pottery Competition which is on show right now at the Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Arts Centre in Gymea NSW.

I have also entered a small sculpture and while I had no thought of being given any prizes I did think some might like the sculpture.

There are some amazing talented and skilful ceramic artists represented in this display...

I'll take some photos when I'm on desk duty later this week.

Here is a close up of "Cos All The Trees Have Vanished"  the title is a quote from a poem, Big Pigs Picnic by Mark Hopwood. 

detail - "Cos All The Trees Have Vanished" quote poem by Mark Hopwood.

15 September 2014

behind the scenes

When we send our pieces off for exhibition we give little thought to the work involved in setting it all up, especially when the exhibition is run by a community group

today my husband came along to help myself and other members of the Port Hacking Potters Group prepare for their National Competition which opens this coming Saturday 20 September and runs to the 30 Sept with bump out on 1 October...

06 September 2014


very old metal garbage bin
 I am preparing to submit a small sculpture to the Port Hacking Potters National Competition...

Being winter and a very small fire in a container, I am finishing the piece by smoking it..

The piece was coated with Terrasigilata prior to being bisque fired.

I use clean sawdust, paper and some kindling.

Put the piece in the old garbage bin, light the fire, wait for the sawdust to catch and then place the lid on top.
Lid placed over to reduce the flame

Here is a sneak peak of the result
hand formed with stoneware clay, coated with terrasig and then bisque fired.