25 February 2014

heading for a glaze firing

again a short post, not that I think you are missing any special writing from me... :) I'm guessing its the images that catch your attention... so here you are...

these are heading for the kiln on Friday, fingers toes and eyes crossed for a result because with ceramics/pottery  things happen ...
one less teabowl....

porcelain bottle with ceramic pencil drawing, spoons, plain and tissue print..

ready to be transported

pendants and brooches,  two lost in production :( very fragile before being fired then they are very strong

a little retail therapy to have some fun with down the track...  the markers fire on glazed ware in the kitchen oven the pack says... the stamps are rubber but I hope strong enough to stamp into soft clay...
I'll let you know next week how it went when I uncross my fingers, toes and eyes :)

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16 February 2014

Experimenting with teabowls

A short post this week..my other life has been rather busy..

I am experimenting with making tea bowls (a teacup with no handle) to match up with my teapots.

throwing tea bowls

before making a set I need to find a shape I am happy with...

decorating tea bowls

these two are being bisque fired and then I will decide on shape and size and make a set.

The teapots they are to go with are already bisque fired and will be glazed later in the week.  I share a kiln and will have to find some more pieces to go in to fill the kiln..

Oh, and I've also been putting together some pendants and other jewellery.. will post pics of those next week..

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02 February 2014

Visiting Sydney Chinese New Year exhibitions

Today I've been in the city to visit two exhibitions put on in conjunction with the celebrations of the Chinese New Year, which this year is the Year of the Horse.

First we went to see "Crossing Boundaries" at the Sydney Town Hall which is a Celebration of Contemporary Asian Australian Art.

It is a really interesting exhibition..

My main reason for going was to see "LandMind" by Somchai Charoen - here are some images
"Landmind" 2014 by Somchai Charoen

Detail (with my foot for size reference) "Landmind" 2014 by Somchai Charoen
as you might guess these are about the problem of land mines that are hidden in the plants that grow back over a mined area, disguising their hidden terror for decades after the end of the conflict for which they were planted and inflicting horrific trauma on people innocently going about their lives. "Every 15 minutes someone is a victim of a land mine". 

Near by was this globe projection titled "Like a horse.. 2013" by Pamela See.
It is thought the sparrow was introduced to Europe from Central Asia because the followed the horses for easy pickings of the grain the horses ate. The statement also speaks of the ebb and flow of the sparrow in various countries - was it a pest controller or a pest itself.

Here is a detail of a figure made using peanut shells which his father enjoys eating.. its not until you look closely that you realise how this was made - what a time consuming work.. and so neat..
Oey Oen Hok - my father 2013 by Karina Wikamto
We then caught the bus down to Circular Quay and had some lunch in an Irish Pub - my man likes his guinness..

Having refreshed ourselves we walked up the road to the gallery run by members of Craft NSW

There is a wonderful display of Sue Frazers ceramic horses which is part of the show "Art and The Horse" which runs until 16 February 2014.

Sue has around 20 different horses in this show. Each one is different in colour, pattern and personality.  They are well worth a visit and would make a great gift for any of your horse loving friends.

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