27 February 2018

Now stock in local gallery

I am thrilled that the local gallery shop is taking some of my bowls and has already sold one of my pigs..

The Gallery always has fanstatic exhibitions so worth calling by -

Hazelhurst Arts Centre Kingway Gymea NSW.

Guess what I will be making next

Gumleaf Bowls - thrown stoneware underglaze decoration clear glaze.  Food safe and dishwasher safe.

23 February 2018

Patience of the Potter

There are many aspects of pottery that teach the potter about patience.

First and most important is the forming of the pot whether on the wheel or by hand.  A steady rate of spin or a considered handling of the hand formed piece is crucial for a good outcome.

Next is the slow drying process - whatever the size or style trying to rush this process with almost always result in cracks.

The kiln firing also needs patience... again firing too high too quickly will result in cracks or even explosions...

Then there is the glazing process - each piece needs just the right amount of glaze then needs to dry and have its bases wiped clear of glaze residue so that it doesn't stick to the kiln shelf.

And we are not done yet!  Once the kiln has fired to temperature there is another wait while the kiln cools.  Again, rush this process and you are likely to have a poor glaze result or again cracks.

Even then the results are not guaranteed - this little jug looks pretty but drips when pouring so it won't be for sale.  I'll keep it for a while and try making a better one and then this one will be destroyed. 

I will once again be practising patience tomorrow as I wait for the kiln to cool from my latest glaze firing which took place today...

Have a lovely weekend

03 February 2018

When a glaze goes well

I have used this glaze before but it is very dependent on the thickness of application to get that nice satin black.  It is called Copper Rust and in an electric kiln will go quite green if only lightly applied.  These platters are now available at a small local home decor store called Fred & Co.

Textured slab hand formed platters- stoneware  (2018)

Here is a link to their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Fred-Co

The weather has cooled down so its off to the studio for me to make a few more platters and some vases to be able to pack the kiln well.  All platters would mean the kiln would struggle to fire efficiently.