29 October 2010

An Aussie in Japan

I drop into this blog on occaision:

Love his latest posting on making of teabowls:
Quote: "The making of tea bowls is, for me, a quiet and gentle thing. Just as a tree cannot be forced to grow, just as a child must be nurtured, the clay must be allowed to take form. It is my task to stay still and wait for the bowl to find a shape that fits my hand, and to know when to release it. It is about being aware of the changes happening before your eyes and recognising the moment, and it is like holding a child's hand firm enough to guide it, but never too tight."
This was my attempt at a teabowl with matching box.  Wish I had been able to read Euan's words before trying to make it :)

20 October 2010

Pink October

I have donated these pieces for a silent auction to raise money to help the Breast Care Nurses at a local hospital who do such a wonderful job helping women through their Breast Cancer treatment.  I hope someone will fall in love with them and bid a really good price for the very good cause.

Close ups on request

Here is a close up of my winning set - thanks for asking

06 October 2010

Really pleased

I entered the Port Hacking Potters 46th National Competition hoping I might get a Merit Award and I won the Section.  I am really, really pleased.
It was the Open Paperclay Section #4 and the wall hanging, jewellery dish and candle holders form the set titled "Boudoir Nostalgia".