30 March 2014

Heritage Festival = busy day

As the outgoing President of Port Hacking Potters Group I had a busy day yesterday helping to setup a stall at one venue and an information table at another...

The stall venue was interesting one might say..  close to the chapel of the Woronora Cemetery which opened the place up for a medieval enactment group and the spinners and weavers , us plus some other general stalls.

The weather was lovely but we were on the quiet side of the building and saw very few visitors...

the information table was worthwhile though and we will give it some consideration next year.

 We did enjoy the music of the Burwood Scottish Pipe Band as they went past.

No new pots this week  to show you...  I have two platters glazed but not yet fired and three little bottles in a bisque firing at the Arts Centre... they could be out this week I hope..

I did sell a couple of brooches.. like these

remember to check out Sunday Ceramics for more about those that make with clay..

24 March 2014

Sunday Ceramics - well its one more day

My friend Kim Foale has generously put up a link for us clay bloggers called Sunday Ceramics and somehow these last couple of weeks I have not quite got there so I'm hoping to slip this post in a day late.

Really when I'm late blogging it generally means I'm busy with my clay in one form or another.

So since I last posted I've been part of a stall with Port Hacking Potters and considering it rained we didn't do too badly..
it was at the Bundeena Art of Living Festival and we caught the edge of a storm so we had some slightly wet gear to take home.

Then I visited our local museum - some fun pieces on display

While many of the ceramics on display were of British origins I am fairly sure these Flying Kookaburras would be Australian made..  I might have to go back and check..

The worst of the summer heat has passed and we have had some rain (as mentioned above) which has brought out some early autumn flowers.  Pity the weeds also like those conditions. I don't know the name of this creeper but it puts on a nice show at this time of year.

My experimental tea bowls are out of the kiln - stoneware clay, black underglaze rings and a Chun glaze which makes the underglaze appear to be dark blue.  I quite like these and hope to use that combination again.

And today it was packing up my teapots for the Melbourne Teapot Show at the Studio @ Flinders Gallery.
I do hope they are well received.

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10 March 2014

experimental text

I tried out my rubber stamp alphabet set this week..

The 'Y' needed some help and I found the clay needs to be firming up before they work well.

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02 March 2014

Did not need bigger hammer

I unpacked the kiln this afternoon and for a while I thought I was going to need a bigger hammer or in this case, mallet!

Why you ask? Well I fired two of my three teapots with the lids on and one with the lid separately and my pottery friends will now know why I needed a mallet..

yes that is right, a tiny little bit of glaze was on the underside of the lid and that is all it takes for a lid to stick!

 Fortunately, with a little persuasion, some boiling water and a firm tap the lid is now free and I will have three teapots to send down to The Studio @ Flinders Melbourne Teapot Show in a week or two..

You might also notice that there are a lot of shelf props in this firing..  a little trick to get the firing even when you don't have enough pots to make a tight pack...

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