26 July 2011


Part of my last firing included these little birds and butterflies which I am making into brooches and pendants.
the white ones are porcelain - the birds at top r/h/s are buff stoneware, all fired to 1280deg C in an electric kiln.

close up.

24 July 2011

Looking forward to Opening Night

The forecast is for a fine day on Friday - I hope thats correct :^)  The Teapot Show opens at 6pm and it's a very popular event.  Do get over to Glebe and have a look - if not on opening night then it runs until the 28th August 2011.  Click here for a sneek preview: Inner City Clayworks

19 July 2011

Packed and ready

Just packed up my teapots ready to be delivered to the Sydney Teapot Show at the Innercity Clayworkers Gallery in Glebe.

Hope they find appreciative new homes :^)
"Violettee"  Close up. Wheel-thrown.  High fired buff stoneware - ceramic pencil and tissue prints. 2011

"Billabong"  Detail. Wheel-thrown. High fired stoneware buff clay. 2011

14 July 2011

Win some...

My last firing was somewhat disappointing as the kiln I share didn't reach temperature after sticking on an early stage of the program.  After refiring in another kiln I was happy with this handbuilt lidded box.  It has a white glaze inside and a copper based commercial glaze on the outside.  I have used textured slabs to construct the box.

12 July 2011

Screen Printing your Own Designs

This post is for a friend who is about to buy her own Gocco machine to make her own screens.The article was published in a magazine called "Australian Pottery and Ceramics" Vol 2 No 2  pages 57 - 59 and based on work by potter, Bev Butler.  As this is a published project and I am acknowledging the source I think I am complying with copyright.

08 July 2011

this is why we are feeling cold!

Nothing to do with pots but just so you know why we are feeling the cold - my son took this photo yesterday on the road between Perisher and Charlottes Pass in the NSW Snowy Mountains. The wind is blowing right up the East Coast and bringing the cold with it!
the Oversnow Bus

Snow Groomer evening out the snow so it is possible to drive the Oversnow Bus through

04 July 2011

Such good fun :^)

Fleur Schell is a ceramic artist from Western Australia.  I just love her Porcelain figures especially the ones that have been used to illustrate a children's book.  Her work has a fun funkiness that makes you smile whether it be her cheerful figures or snazzy pots.
Fleur is currently the organiser at SODA.  A great studio setup that takes residencies.
'Heidi and the Bilbey' Porcelain, by Fleur Schell Ht56cm x w42cm

02 July 2011

More of this or less of that

This little container is having an identity crisis. :^)  The high rounded lid with a full bud fits best so I think it will go with that one.
Thrown using  Porcelain, with additions then bisque fired and  a little iron oxide on the bud before being glaze fired to 1280 deg C in Gas Reduction.  The glaze is a Pale Green Celedon which is already starting its typical crazing so I could wipe in some ink to highlight those but quite like them without the ink.

Wheel Thrown Porcelain.  Pale Green Celedon Glaze. 1280 deg C Reduction firing.

Wheel Thrown Porcelain lidded container. Pale Green Celedon Glaze. High Fire in Gas Reduction.

01 July 2011

Student exercise

A recent discussion reminded me of a student exercise about packaging which I did back in TAFE College a few years ago.  Could be something to revisit.....  pardon the awful photos... I have learnt abit since then on taking snaps -lol.
A black cardboard box with silver ribbon.

This Sushi set has foam under a shiny black cloth liner.