23 November 2015

busy out of the studio

Well friends, two markets in three days has been rather hectic!

Each one was with the Port Hacking Potters Group of which I am a member. The first was held in the foyer of the local hospital...

pots on display at Sutherland Hospital foyer 19 November 2015. Foreground pots by Bob Wood.

Five of us put our pots on display and we all sold some which was very nice...

Then two days later we attended the Ramsgate Foodies Market and tried again...

This too was quite successful though for me not as good this time...

Our next endeavour will be the Sporties Heavenly Handmade Market at Moorebank in two weeks time... fingers crossed.

We will also be returning to Ramsgate on the 12th December.

If you are in the area do call by and say hello...

09 November 2015

A gallery visit - Adriana's exhibition

The talented Adriana Christenson (check her website here: http://adrianachristianson.com.au/ ) has her beautifully decorated pots in a new exhibition space in Paddington NSW called Saint Cloche...

Adriana and I at Saint Cloche Gallery Paddington NSW
Here we are with some of the pots and with the paintings and drawings of the other artists in the background.  Titled "A Day in the Country" the show includes landscape paintings, paintings of chooks and goats and some interesting drawings of cows and sheep.

I particularly liked this arrangement of Adriana's pots with the landscape painting in the background.

Adriana has used a cobalt oxide wash in several shades to paint on her iconic birdie designs - these new ones have a eucalypt theme and are then glazed in a wonderful pale green celadon. The glaze has a beautiful fit with the clay body.... not a craze in sight.

I've been busy in my studio with a bisque firing done and glazing too.  All set to fire up in the morning.

I have some specials pieces in there including some Christmas decorations so fingers crossed.

After more than a week of showers and full on rain, the garden is doing well... I love the buds on the agapanthus lillies... perhaps even more than the flowers...

and the spring time brings out the insect life too...

I've no idea what this moth is but I love the markings on it... it was in the ornamental grass in the garden today...

Thanks for dropping by and your comments... might see you over on Facebook...

04 November 2015

The Blog Review entry for October

Many many potters across the globe like to 'chat' about their work via a blog and you can see a list which happily includes my own on the Pottery Making Info sites monthly Blog Review...
Here is a link to the October list: http://www.potterymakinginfo.com/news/clay-blog-review-october-2015/#more-2600

01 November 2015

Visiting Sculpture By the Sea at Bondi NSW

This week my husband and I had a great day out visiting Tamarama and Bondi Beaches to see this year's Sculpture by the Sea

The weather was fine with a nice sea breeze keeping it cool for the walk from one beach to the other along the walkway that follows the 2 km coastline.

"Mirage" by Deidre Mair & Harry Stit
 I particularly liked the sculpture by people who also work in clay like this one by Naidee Changmoh who first sculpts his life size figures in clay and then has them cast in bronze.  Naidee was a demonstrator at the Clay conference at Gulgong last year.

"Fun" by Naidee Changmoh
 The winning entry was this metal piece of a deconstructed circle which represents the fragmented political blocks of our world which prevents the solving of problems such as global warming and poverty  .
"Divided planet" by Jorg Plickat
 There is also a pavilion setup with the marquettes of those who put forward their work for inclusion. I found these ceramic ones of particular interest of course.

by Thomas Quayle using the clay BRT

 These spheres (top and bottom)  are by Western Australian ceramic artist, Andrea Vinkovic

 They are marquette's for her main installation seen in place here:

 and here:

I've been following her blog for sometime now... have a look, it documents her amazing process.

In the mean time I am working on getting enough work together to fire up my kiln again...

I wasn't too happy with my last wheel thrown sphere - it  was too flat on top.. after a bit of research on Facebook and YouTube I brought out my heat gun and am happier with the results...

thanks for reading my blog... and all your comments