23 February 2012

Pretty good result

those that follow this blog will remember I shared a kiln recently.  Well my post this week shows part of the result:
I'm very pleased with the glaze on these mugs as I haven't used it as a glaze on glaze decoration before. A little tidy up of the bases and these will be off to market next month.
My blogger friend, Linda Starr of Blue Starr Gallery was kind enough to nominate me as one of her recipients of the Versatile Blogger Award. Now from what I understand the idea is to nominate some other recipients to pass it along and then to tell a few facts about yourself.

So first I would like to re-nominate Linda - her blog is just so versatile with lots of insights into her pottery and her cooking. Blue Starr Gallery
Next is Adriana Christianson for her inspirational pottery blog.
Then Josie of Josie Goes to Pot 
Then Angela of Ang design blog
Bit of a theme there but these bloggers all add something extra to their interest in clay..

And me?  I'm a 5th generation Australian, with a possible link to Aboriginal people of the Myall Lakes way back on my Dad's side (hard to confirm).  Met my wonderful husband when I was 18 and had a flat tyre and he stopped to help. Have worked as a clerical officer, tutor and a notetaker for people with disablity.  Currently I'm a newsletter editor and blogger for a community pottery group, Port Hacking Potters Group and I'm on the organising committee of their National Pottery Competition later this year.

Just  to spread the word a little further I'm adding this post to the Mud Colony blog and I hope you will check it out and if you work in clay add your post there too.

16 February 2012


These little pieces are destined to become jewellery.  They are porcelain and textured and then decorated using tissue prints.  They are going in raw and unglazed with my other glazed pieces. When they come out I will wet sand them to give them a bit of a sheen.  The colour will be fired into the clay.
A bit of a late decision so I dried them on a wire rack under my birds new cage :^)
See you over on Mud Colony checking out the other posts this week...

13 February 2012

thanks to CeramiCraft

Today I picked up my prize from CeramiCraft - the Western Australia Suppliers who ran a give away comp on Facebook recently.
So very generous that I had to show you what they sent as my gift for Liking their Facebook page:
Those green tools on the left should be useful for my next handbuilding project and the brochure about Duncan glazes looks interesting too.  Most of their glazes are for earthenware but looks like they have a few mid fire ones too that I might have to try.  They even sent a lolly pop for when I need a sugar boost! :^) Thanks guys.

11 February 2012


My pots are out of the bisque and I'm having some fun experimenting with some of them.  This little vase now has some swagger :^)  Some of the lines are guides in normal graphite pencil while the rest will fire on with the clear glaze.  This is my post for this weeks MudColony - hop over see what others have been doing this week.
Wheel thrown porcelain fired to bisque with ceramic pencil drawing 2010

02 February 2012


I don't have my own kiln and belong to a local pottery group that hires its kilns to members. Unfortunately the building in which they are housed is being renovated and the group can't use them right now :(
However, as I have said in previous post, potters are a generous bunch and my friend, Pauline, is allowing me to share her kiln.
Here are my works just packed in her kiln ready for bisque:

You might wonder what those spots are?  RAINdrops! :(  Pauline's kiln is outside and though it was light rain, enough for the spots to show!

Two summers ago we were inundated with bush fires across the state, this year it is floods with many roads in the north west of the state closed due to flood waters.

Here in Sydney the gutters are flowing but other wise we are OK - just cold and wet...

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