27 March 2007

Design Module

Some may remember this flower from my Christmas greetings. Who could imagine it would develop into these lovely berries. I am now trying to develop a design based on these Lilly Pilly fruit which can actually be used to make jam.

NZ Souvenirs

Happy to be home again after 3 weeks in New Zealand's North Island. A very interesting place. Some amazing scenery and we came home just before the Mt Ruapehu lahar or mud slide. The quality of the ceramics was very high and inspiring to see. We spent several hours talking with a potter who lately has started making flutes from bamboo and is experimenting with casting one in clay. He and his wife work together to produce beautiful pots. Their website is: www.rolling-cloud.eol.co.nz

Tiles were the easiest and safest souvenirs to buy and I did manage to get the 3 I purchased home in one piece. The pukeho or swamp hen was from Russel, the boxed one from Matakana and the little blue one from Taupo.

I also took some photos of small boats for my fellow student, Liz as they are her theme. I particularly like the one on the black sands.