26 January 2014

Australia Day teapots

I've started making teapots in the hope I will have some ready for the Melbourne Teapot Show in a few months time...

Before I could start I had to cleanup my little room which with tongue in cheek I call my studio.

and to avoid breathing in any clay dust, mop it out..

Then I needed to prepare some clay,  I found lots little bags of leftovers while doing the tidy up..
so I bashed the clay inside the bags with a mallet and then put them into a bucket with water

then it is dryed out in a plaster mold

then the wedging starts to get rid of those air pockets

once the clay is ready I can start to throw the teapot bodies.

and the lids

and the spouts

and then pull some handles and all the while managing how quickly each piece drys, enough to hold its shape but not too dry that it cracks or can't be manipulated into shape as each piece is joined to make a teapot.

Today is Australia Day so I thought I would share some images of the place where Captain Cook thought the first English settlement would be... he was wrong..  Captain Arthur Phillip decided that Botany Bay was not a deep enough harbour for future use and went further north and found Sydney Cove and made the settlement there.  We still acknowledge Botany Bay or the promontory where Cook landed, Kurnell, as the first landing.  These images were taken last winter when we visited the park at Kurnell.


The bay is used as a commercial site for off loading oil tankers one side and the airport runway on the other side, along with a container terminal on the other point.

walking through the park you would not realise you were  so close to the largest city in Australia

Hope you had a nice day.
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24 January 2014

Limelight Gallery - a special space..

If you follow me on Facebook you will know that a new gallery in the centre of Sydney has some of my work in stock.  It is:

Limelight Gallery
827-837 George St, Sydney, Australia 2000

near Central Railway Station, along the under pass.

Setup specially for graduate students of the Sydney Institute of TAFE, there is a wonderful variety of photographics, jewellery, fashion and of course, ceramics!

These are my latest works now available at the gallery...

Three Salsa Dishes - thrown porcelain 2013

Thrown and water etched porcelain voitive 2013

thrown and pieced porcelain voitive 2013

Pair thrown and pieced voitive porcelain 2013

Thrown and decorated stoneware teapot 2013

Other ceramic artists represented include Inga Svendson and Janet Selby.
Do call in and have a look next time you are in Sydney.

19 January 2014

Ceramic jewellery and a Visit to China Clay

My stock of ceramic jewellery is getting a little low so with the weather still being hot and dry here I am putting together some new pieces... just can't face going out into the heat to clean the studio and start wedging clay..  cooler weather on the horizon though...

Here is some of my sold stock:
Brooches - mostly sold

Bracelet - sold

Blue butterfly pendant with glass beads - sold

I'm trying a different style
some beading going on

I am using braided linen thread for this necklace and will be trying some ear-rings for the orange drops at the back there...

Today was a great Treat..  I was able to visit the lovely ceramic gallery shop called China Clay run by Cath Fogarty at Clovelly, a beach side suburb of Sydney, not far from Bondi.

I managed not to drool ... not easy when surrounded by the most beautiful ceramics by so many of my favourite makers.. with permission from Cath, here are some images for you to appreciate too... please be sure to acknowledge the maker if you share any of these images..

reflective shop front of China Clay at Clovelly NSW

selection includes Sandy Lockwood (teapot) and Adriana Christianson (urchin necklaces)

more delights on the shelves

this shelf runs all the way along one wall and includes work by Denise McDonald

by Tracey Mitchell

by Shannon Garson

by Susan Frost

by Adriana Christianson

by Vicki Grima

As you can see this space is well worth the trip so do spread the word, take your friends to visit the gallery and then have a swim at the beach which has an ocean pool.. or just enjoy and buy yourself a gift to take home.

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12 January 2014

Sunday Ceramics link up

A new link up is now open for Sunday Ceramic posts.  After the finish of Mud Colony another potter, Kim Foale has decided to offer a link each week.  Thanks Kim.

I'm still not back into my studio - hope to get there later this week.

This does mean I have been enjoying some pottery books though.  The first from our local library is by Simon Leach of the famous pottery family..

His book "Simon Leach's Pottery Handbook" includes two CD's full of video clips on all the basic techniques from throwing lids to making teapots or fluting vessels.  Its available on Amazon.

I purchased this one from Amazon with a gift  voucher from my son:

I've admired Jane Perryman's work for a long time and in this book she introduces other potters who also work without glaze.  

I'm thinking some of these techniques will suit my pig sculptures.

I have an appointment with the gallery in the city, Limelight,  to take some more of my work this week.
Here is a sneak peek: 

See you over on Sunday Ceramics..

04 January 2014

2014 clean start

I've had no internet for a few days so I've spent my extra time cleaning cupboards.   Its too hot to go into the studio and it also needs a good clean.

Its amazing what you find at the back of cupboards you haven't looked in for some time...

This broken plate and damaged sugar bowl were part of a teaset which belonged to my mother.  I had put them aside with the thought I might get them repaired one day.  Having Googled the design and maker, "Pearl Delight" circa 1940,  while delightfully pretty was not unusual so I decided it is not worth keeping broken and not worth the expense of repair.  I still have the cups and saucers and a nice little milk jug as a reminder of my Mum.

The next cupboard I tackled contained some souvenirs from a trip to the North Island of New Zealand.  I think they would look very nice if they were framed together and put on the wall...

The top two came from a gallery in the town of Russel called Entrance Gallery and I'm pretty sure they are by a potter called Kathy Baird, though the small one doesn't have a signature.
The bottom right tile came from Morris and James Pottery and Tileworks in Matakana. A lovely mix of glazes to create this landscape view.

It was a great holiday and now I have some very spick and span cupboards and a nice reminder of our visit way back in 2007.
I'd like to see the South Island one of these days.

All the best to you all for 2014 and thanks for following my clay ramblings...  you can also find me on Facebook, Anna's Ceramics....